5 Gorgeous No Heat Hairstyles For Short Hair

Too much of heat is bad for the hair. Though it is easier to style the hair using flat iron, hot rollers, curling iron, dryers, etc., these styling tools dry up the hair and cause extreme damages. So go for a no-heat hairstyle to protect your hair. Five stylish, easy to do no-heat hairstyles that work for short hair is mentioned below, try these out.

Here Are The 5 Gorgeous No Heat Hairstyles For Short Hair:

1. Half Braided Updo

A simple style yet modern and trendy to wear for work or on a fun outing with friends. Start with a deep side partition and brush it. Maintain natural waves by not overdoing brushing. Begin creating a waterfall braid from side. The braid should go down to the ears. Grab the end of the braid add a small section of hair from the other side of the head to form a half pony at the back. Lock them using pins in crisscross pattern. Finish using a hairspray.

Half Braided Updo

2. Messy Side Bun

A messy side bun is simple, quick and super graceful. It can be worn on any occasion from an office party to an evening BBQ. As the bun is swept to a side, the look is romantic too. Back comb the hair in the crown region and in the sides for some texture and volume. Leave two sections of hair in the front. Twist the rest of the hair and pin the stands to form a ponytail like look at the preferred side. Pin the wavy strands messily. Make sure it is not hideous. Pin the front section loosely into the curls. Leave a few wispy front bangs, which will add an edge to the entire look.

Messy Side Bun

3. Three Twisted Bun

The three twisted bun hairdo works better for short shoulder length hair than long tresses. This twisted bun style is easy and can be worn with both formal and casual attire and suits any occasion. First, divide the hair into three sections from front to back and brush it. Pull the right side section and twist it down to the end. Wrap it to make a small bun and pin it. Twist the middle section and pin it slightly above adjacent to the right bun. Finally twist the left side section and make a small bun. Pin it slightly above the middle bun. The three buns should be form a slight upward angle. Spray the buns with a hairspray and pull out thin bangs in the front to finish the look.

Three Twisted Bun

4. French Twist

This extremely beautiful hairstyle is actually very simple to create. Everyone will love the style when paired up with formal wear or worn elegantly for an event. A dirty hair that has not been washed is better for the style because it requires some texture. Part the hair into two equal sections. Do a bit backcombing to add volume. Sweep one side of the hair towards the back and pin it using booby pins, at the center, vertically against your head. Bring small section of hair from the opposite side to meet the first pin, smooth it over and roll it and pin it underneath. Mold it to form a French twist. Keep working in a similar way down towards the nape. If a few strands slip out, don’t worry, you can pin them at the end. Add pins to secure the twist and finish with a hairspray.

French Twist

5. Upside-Down Dutch Braid

This style is a fun take on the ponytail or bun hairstyle. Gather a section of your hair from the nape of the neck. Separate this section from rest of the hair. Start the Dutch braid upside down starting from the neck area. Once you reach top of the head, gather all the hair into a ponytail or a messy bun.

Upside-down Dutch Braid


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