5 Funky Quiff Hairstyles For Women

Have you looked at men with a quiff hairstyle and wondered, ”I wish I could have this hairstyle!”? Who is stopping you? These days we see many women having short quiff hairstyles and trust us, they look amazing in them. Look at Ruby Rose as an example – the famous actress from XXX Xander Cage. You can also take example of Pink – the famous singer. You must be thinking what a quiff is? The quiff hairstyle is an amalgamation of pompadour, mohawk and a flattop. This hairstyle looks very chic and daring! So, if you are actually thinking of getting a quiff hairstyle – we are here to guide you. We have listed the 5 Funky Quiff Hairstyles for Women which will actually make you stand out of the crowd. You can try it!

Here Are The 5 Funky Quiff Hairstyles For Women 

1. Rockabilly Quiff Hairstyles For Women

This is a very rock and roll kind of hairstyle. If you are an Elvis Presley fan, this is THE hairstyle for you. Only difference is that you are a girl. You can get this hairstyle done easily! Firstly, make two ponies on each extreme side. Tie one and leave the other. Leave few strands of hair and cross it over above your forehead. All you would need to is part that one loose side of your hair and design it to one side using a hair product. You want that one side of the hair to be set. It is like an elegant puff but towards the side.

Rockabilly Quiff Hairstyles For Women

2. Windswept Quiff For Women

The name describes this hairstyle! Yes! Your hair will be wild and free in this quiff hairstyle. If you have short hair, this will actual look good on your hair. You would need a good styling product. Wet your hair and then use a blow dryer to dry hair. Now use hairspray to get the front hair spiked and messy. This is a messy quiff which looks very cool.

Windswept Quiff For Women

3. Flame Quiff For Women

Your hair will look just like a flame of fire when you style it. If your hair is 4-5 inches longer than the hair at the back, you can get this hairstyle done. You would need to style your front hair so that it starts looking like flame. You would need a good hairstyle product. Make sure your sides and backside are sleek and the front hair should be shaped like flame using hair gel.


4. The Kim Kardashian Quiff For Long Hair

Women with long hair can actually  get the quiff hairstyle too. How do you make it? You would need to comb your hair towards the back and just style into a bouffant which is a little high and neat. You would need your hair at the sides be slick. The side hair should stick closely to your head. Leave your hair loose or  you can also make a pony at the back! This is a famous Kim Kardashian look. We just love the way she carries this amazing hairstyle.[1]

The Kim Kardashian Quiff For Long Hair

5. Bun Updo With Quiff For Women

This  is a popular Miley Cyrus look that we are talking about! You can style your front hair into a quiff. Just style it into a regular bouffant by pulling the front hair neat and high with a comb. Tie a messy bun at the back! It will look gorgeous. It looks very feminine and romantic as well. A great way to turn heads at the prom! This will make you look young and stylish.

Bun Updo With Quiff For Women

So, get the quiff hairstyle because it looks really funky and happening. It is a myth that quiff looks good on men only. Women are born beautiful and can carry off anything! Make sure you dress up accordingly!

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