5 Funky Curly Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls

Gone are those days when a Mohawk was a boy thing. It has always been considered a boyish hairstyle which only suits on men. Well, those days are long gone. Girls have started experimenting and they are not afraid to show off a Mohawk. If you have curly hair and you want a Mohawk, we have something for you today. We have listed the 5 Funky Curly Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls. The list is not elaborate but it will surely give you ideas about how to go about the perfect Mohawk. You will stand out of the crowd once you go for the looks we have for you. Take a look!

Here Are The 5 Funky Curly Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls:

1. Side Braided Curly Mohawk

We love the Afro American look that a Mohawk gives. We also love the fact that some women can actually carry it off really well. How about getting a side braided curly mohawk? All you need to do is get one side of the hair braided and rest of it can be done up into a classic mohawk. We absolutely love this look! It is so trendy and such a party starter.

Side Braided Curly Mohawk

2. Curly Mohawk Up do

This one is a complete rock star look. If you are a strong and chic woman, you should go for this look. Just get all of your hair on top in the middle and use a good hair gel to set it right. You need the up do to stay in place and not go haywire. This one is a good look for parties, festivals and concerts. You should totally try this look with a leather jacket on. Wear leather gloves to get a biker girl look.

Curly Mohawk Up do

3. Purple Pompadour Mohawk

Purple hair is not for the faint heart. If you can carry this look, you can actually rule the world. How about going for a purple pompadour mohawk? If you love Elvis Presley, this is the kind of look you should go for. If you have extremely curly hair, get the front colored in a deep purple and leave the rest. Heads will surely turn and you will be the star of the show. Try it just for the fun of it.

Purple Pompadour Mohawk

4. Side Shave Love Mohawk

Now if you are somebody who is much in love, go for this look. Your hairdresser will give you the look. Get your side shaved and get love shaved on it. The side shave love mohawk is feminine yet so strong in character. You will come across as a strong girl who is in love. It will not look manly at all! In fact your partner will be so happy to have you sport this look.

Side Shave Love Mohawk

5. Side Shave Mohawk With Soft Curls

Get your sides of the hair shaved and get soft curls on your hair before you actually turn it into a mohawk. We like this look because it is feminine and so strong and masculine at the same time. Let your curls fall on your face. It will be so classic! Try this look – it will go with most outfits.

Side Shave Mohawk with soft curls

So in case you do not have curls, there are curling machines to get the look. Why do we have hair dressers? Get the curly mohawk look and see the transformation. It will be gorgeous. Make sure you choose the right clothes to wear with your amazing Mohawk.