5 Fun And Effective Exercises For Overall Body Weight Loss

Are you looking at getting the perfect body this summer? One cannot do spot reduction. Weight loss happens on an overall body basis. The good news is you do not need to join a gym if you do not like it! There are other exciting exercises which can help you lose weight. You definitely need to eat right along with exercises. We see people getting bored of a gym regime. It is not so much fun! We are here today to tell you about the 7 Exercises Fun and Effective for Overall Body Weight Loss. We are going to tell you exactly how many calories you burn doing each of these exercises. This way you will be able to plan better of how many times you should include exercises in a week to reach your ideal weight goal. Take a look!

Here Are The 5 Fun And Effective Exercises For Overall Body Weight Loss 

1. Cycling

How about adding a cycling session to your day in the morning? You can sleep early and get up early to just cycle around your neighborhood for an hour. If you cycle for one hour, you will burn 500 calories. 500 calories are definitely a lot in a day. Also, you can take a friend along and actually chit chat while you are cycling. Having an exercise buddy is important to keep you motivated. Cycling four times in a week is enough. You will see a difference on your body in a week only.


2. Swimming

Now in case you have a knee problem and want to lose weight still, you should consider taking a swimming pool membership. It does not cost too much these days. Get a swimming costume and start going swimming three to four times in a week. An hour of swimming session will help you burn about 650 calories. You can actually try different swimming strokes for better weight loss result. It will help you to lose weight on an overall basis.


3. Jogging

Jogging is so much fun! Choose a time when it is convenient for you. You can do it in the morning or evening. Make a playlist on your phone or mp3 player and start jogging. Make sure you put music which gets you going and inspires you. This will help you burn about 430 calories per hour. It will help you shed weight at the most stubborn parts of your body. It works like a charm! Take your partner along for jogging. Healthy habits should be taken up by the entire family.


4. Dancing

Everyone loves dancing! Even if somebody cannot dance, they can still do their crazy moves and shed weight. You do not need a special dance class for this. Just put on some music and start moving your body. You can burn 250 calories in an hour just by dancing. If you wish to learn a new dance form to shed weight then go for hip hop, jazz, zumba or salsa. Zumba is literally the best exercise to lose weight. You can join a zumba class and have fun while shedding weight.


5. Walking

We are not asking you to specifically go and walk in the morning and evening. You can incorporate walking in your schedule any time! All you need to do is avoid the lifts. Leave your car behind and start walking till the market which is just 1 mile away. Listen to some music while walking. Liberating music feels good while you are walking. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk while you talk on the phone. Walking helps you burn 150 calories per hour. Also, you can do it everyday!


See! It is easy to shed overall weight. The more you weigh, the more you have a chance of losing weight. It is a fact! So, do these above mentioned exercises and see a difference yourself. You will be amazed how fun and effective they are. All the best!


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