5 Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits may not be your first choice when you decide to lose that excess weight but in reality fruits can be really beneficial when you want to kick away that flab!
Even though high in sugar content, fruits are packed with essential nutrients that satisfy your body while you shed extra weight and keep you feeling full through out the day.

So dig in the fruit basket to find food items that you can eat in abundance and that too to lose weight!!!

5 Fruits To Help Lose Weight

1. Papaya 

Papaya helps in proper excretion of waste from the body that in turn helps to keep you fit and fine. If your digestive system is in place then it becomes even easier to lose weight. After all the entire agenda is to eat right, digest it properly and burn calories with little exercise. A fruit which is rich in vitamins, iron and calcium is surely going to help you in weight loss.


2. Peach 

Eat a peach for breakfast, lunch and dinner and within days you will be the one singing ‘Life’s a peach’. If you are looking for healthier ways to lose weight then do not refrain from adding peach to your diet. Enjoy them as salads and include them in your diet as shakes. Blend peaches to make a smoothie, drink it up to good health and not to forget- peaches are good to have that fresh, bright and glowing skin.


3. Pineapple 

Play this trump card when you want to lose weight. Rich in fibre, helpful in curbing appetite and high in water content; pineapple is the all rounder fruit that becomes quintessential in cutting flab and becoming leaner and thinner.


4. Berries 

Blueberries, strawberries or raspberries. Whichever kind of berries you lay your hands on, just pick a handful of them and start eating them right now to get rid of excess weight. Drink them in the form of juices or relish them as raw or salads. Get the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for weight loss from berries and lose weight while eating healthy.


5. Watermelon

It’s the energizer that you want when losing weight is becoming an uphill task for you. It’s the capsule of health benefits that you can easily take everyday. Almost no fat and no cholesterol, watermelon is abundant in water content and antioxidants required for a good and healthy weight loss programme.


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