5 Fresh Ways To Try Blue Eye Makeup

Blue Eye makeup looks fresh and gorgeous. Spring is a season of the trendy and stylish blue colors. There are numerous shades and variations available in blue color which you can try for a pretty eye makeup. Anything from sleek blue eyeliner to dusky and faded blue eye shadow enhances the entire eye makeup and gets you a trendy and cool look. You can try and experiment with matte finish blue eye shadows or glossy blue liners and give you eyes a pretty and stunning look. If you are looking for getting stunning blue eye makeup.

Here Are Some Amazing Ideas To Help You Get A Perfect Look.

1. Butterfly Inspired Blue Glittery Eye Shadow

This amazing look makes your eyes glitter and shine. If you want to experiment with the blue shade try this amazing glitter eye shadow. This dusky and faded eye shadow will give you a perfectly gorgeous and astonishing look. Either a day picnic or a night party, you can carry this look all the way long for any occasion and look absolutely gorgeous. This beautiful blue shade can also be complemented with other colors like pink, purple, golden etc.

Butterfly Inspired Blue Glittery Eye Shadow

2. Ombre Blue Liner

This beautiful ombre blue shade looks absolutely stunning and cool. You can carry this look along with casual wear. This dramatic eye makeup gives you a flirty and attractive look. This beautiful blue liner can be used with white or black eye liner to get a more dramatic and glorious looks. Try this unique and cool eyeliner and look absolutely stunning this season. For enhancing the look, you can try some mild make up with light pink or peach lip balms and pretty pink blush.

Ombre blue liner

3. Blue And Brown Eye Shadow

This is a simple and easy look you can carry all the day long. If you don’t like to experiment much with brighter colors and need a simple and effective eye makeup with a blue shade, complement it with a light brown eye shadow. Light brown and blue combination is perfectly gorgeous. If you have beautiful and tiny eyes, these colors would make your eye look bigger and in perfect shape. For a simple eye makeup with a twist of blue and brown eye shadow, try this amazing look for this season and step out of the world of the traditional black eye liners look.

Blue And Brown Eye Shadow

4. Aqua Blue Liner

This beautiful look with light aqua blue shade would give you a perfectly unique and awesome eye makeup. If you like to experiment with different colors and shades, this season try this fresh and gorgeous blue liner. Apply this pretty blue liner on the lower eye lids and sculpt the ends of the eyes in single or double strokes. This would completely glorify your eyes and would give a stunning and dramatic touch to your entire look.

Aqua Blue Liner

5. Pale Blue Eye Shadow

If you love pale blue color then here is a gorgeous look you can try this season. If you have a fair and pale skin, this look would perfectly suit your tone and will enhance your makeup. This simple and effective shad of blue looks so mild and sophisticated. If you do not want a too dramatic and glittery blue eye shadow, try this pale blue eye shadow and apply it with a single and thin stoke and beautify your gorgeous eyes.

Pale Blue Eye Shadow

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