5 Foods That Trigger Acne Breakout

Foods That Trigger Acne Breakout

Acne break out is a serious problem and is a major concern for many of the teenagers. It is a common problem that everyone faces at some point in their lifetime. It is estimated by the experts that 80 % of the people in age the group between 11 and 30 years are affected by the problem. Well there are many causes of acne breakout which includes the hormonal imbalance but along with the hormones our eating habits play a major role in the acne break out. What we eat and whatever we put in our mouth gets reflected on our skin and it is certain that there are many foods that trigger acne break out in people.

No one wants to have a long day with people noticing the red dots on your face. Therefore it is very important to understand the root of the problem in order to get the long term effects. You can certainly rely up on the expensive medical methods but they do not provide any benefits if you consider a longer term, therefore before the problem gets worse you should change your eating habits in order to combat the break out. Here is the list of foods that can trigger acne break out.


Sugar triggers the acne break out in your body. All those chocolates and sweet stuffs that you take in are actually one of the causes of acne break out. Sugar is a pro inflammatory substance that increases the level of insulin as a result of which excretion of sebum increases. This greasy substance blocks your skin pores and lead to the acne problem. It is advisable to follow an anti inflammatory diet if you are facing the acne problem. Use small amount of honey as a sweetener and avoid items like chocolate and alcohol.



A cup of coffee possesses all the potential to trigger an acne break out. There is an organic substance in coffee that leads to the increased synthesis of cortisol which is also known as the stress hormone. Moreover increases level of cortisol also stimulates the subaceous gland to secrete more sebum which is responsible for the break out. Therefore it is advisable to cut down the coffee consumption and switch to other drinks like herbal and green tea to control the break out problem.


Dairy Products

Recent studies show that the dairy product contains some organic substances that spike the level of pimple producing hormones. Milk, cheese and cream can trigger the acne break out in your skin. Milk is also a required natural product for healthier skins therefore the experts’ advice to take almond milk, rice milk or coconut milk in place of cow’s milk. Follow a healthy diet so that your body gets all the essential calcium and other minerals that are derived from these dairy products.

Dairy products


The androgen content of the peanuts triggers the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum which worse the problem of acne. Peanuts are responsible to make the skin oily as a result of which the skin pores gets clogged and the direct outcome is the acne break out. Therefore it is advisable to limit the consumption of peanut butter and include other nuts like almonds and cashews in your meals to maintain the androgen level of your body.


Oily/Fried/Refined Foods

Oily, fried and refined foods are high in the glycemic index and at the same time contain more salt which affects the blood’s sugar level. The low quality and processed oil that is used in the fried foods increases the level of insulin which follows the same cycle of more sebum which clogs the pores and another problem of break out is triggered. Therefore it is advisable to add fresh and organic foods like avocados, orange and nuts to your daily meals.

Oily Fried Refined foods

Follow a healthy diet to get all the essential minerals and vitamins required by the body and do not forget to avoid the above mentioned foods that can trigger the problem of acne break out.

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