5 Flattering Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Face


Flattering Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Face

Among the various types of face shapes, heart shape is one of them. A Heart shaped face is recognised by beautiful sculpted cheekbones! There are various hairstyles that complement their awesome facial looks and make them gorgeous. Hairstyles for a heart shaped face add fullness to the chin region and prevent any sort of width created on the forehead region. In this article we will tell you best five flattering hairstyles for heart shaped for hairs of different lengths.

1. Face Framing Bob Hair Style

This is a very cute hairstyle which gives a charming look to a person with a heart-shaped face. In this hairstyle a bob is created that ends right under the chin region and crafts a heart-shaped face elegantly. It enhances the beauty of the major feature of heart-shaped faces and that is – cheekbones!! A slight angle made using the bob also imparts a modern appearance without highlighting excessively the chin area. This hairstyle is good for casual as well as formal occasions.

Face Framing Bob Hair Style

2. Pixie Hairstyle

This hairstyle is especially made for people with short length hairs. These little hair pieces created as a result this hairstyle helps in emphasizing the beautiful cheekbones as well as eyes. The pixie formed may look similar to a wash and go kind of hairstyle, and really they are so convenient to carry.

Pixie Hairstyle

To keep your hair in proper style, you would definitely require trimming of hairs after every month or two depending on your hair growth. This is a haircut which looks amazing if you don’t have kinky and curly hairs. This hair cut is made for people with heart shaped face only as when tried on a square face makes it look even more square and a long face even more long. So women with heart shaped face, this hairstyle belong to you!!

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3. Ombre Dimensions

This hairstyle also creates a marvellous look on people heart-shaped faces. This hairstyle looks even more glamorous when different shades of colours are applied to it. These different colour shades helps in even out the weight and balances facial features of a heart shaped face. This hairstyle makes the forehead look narrower and the bottom part of the face fuller. This is indeed a great cut which suits all lengths of hairs.

Ombre Dimensions

4. Long Choppy Bob

You can see many of the celebrities wearing this hairstyle. This hair style suits girls and women with long hairs. In this hairstyle a graduated bob with lovely and beautiful wave is created. It really renders a flattery and appealing look to a person. This is the best hairstyle for an evening party, formal event or a casual get together with friends.

Long Choppy Bob

5. Sculpting Waves

This is yet another spectacular hairstyle which looks compelling and classy on heart shaped face. It adds feminineness and charm to a women personality. It is made by creating loose and flowing waves which become soft on the bottom of the face. It has amazing side-swept bangs which makes the forehead region narrower and pretty.

Sculpting Waves

There are special hairstyles of every face cut. These hairstyles are especially meant for heart shaped faces as they accentuates the positive side of such face types and hides the not so good features if any. All of the above-mentioned hairstyles are simple to make and easy to manage. It suits women of all ages. So enjoy styling your hairs with these remarkable hair styles and impress everyone with your adorable appearance!!

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