5 Fascinating Birthday Nail Art Designs

We celebrate different events every year like wedding day, birthdays etc, which are memorable and cherishing. You can make a birthday special by arranging a surprise party, music, get-togethers and gifts. However, if it is your birthday, you need to prepare yourself like buying a dress, accessories to go with it etc. Nail Art is a trendy and stylish way to enhance your overall birthday look. A design that goes with the party theme will be amazing and cool. Some fascinating ideas with bright colors are briefed below to inspire you. Have a look and get ready to showcase your creativity on the special day.

Here Are 5 Fascinating Birthday Nail Art Designs

1. Candle Nail Art

There is no birthday party without candles. Lit candles represents light of life so wearing a candle nail art will be special and match the birthday party theme. Start with a nude coat and draw candle shape at the base of the nail using bright colors. Use black color to make the wick and draw the flame using orange and yellow.  Finish with a top coat. You can create numerous candle designs with stylish background on your nail with your creativity.

Candle Nail Art

2. Cupcake Nail Art

Cupcakes make people more delightful and are a simple means to add a spell of sweetness to your birthday party. So, a cupcake nail art would be a perfect idea to symbolize happiness on a birthday party. To create a simple design, apply a golden or light color shimmering nail polish as the base. Once it dries, make the cupcake base using pink and draw stripes over it using a slightly darker pink or brown shade. Make the frosting with dark brown and add polka dots of various shades. Add beads or heart shape sticker on the top and finish with a top coat.

Cupcake Nail Art

3. Balloon Nail Art

Birthday parties are incomplete without balloons. Colorful balloons make the celebration fun and more joyful. To symbolize liveliness and joyfulness, there cannot be something better than a balloon nail art. To create a simple balloon nail art, paint the nail white and let it dry. Choose bright colors like orange, blue, yellow, green, etc to paint the moon of the nail. Add a little curve to make it look like a balloon. Make the ends of the balloon using the same hues and add a string using black. Spread a top coat to finish the art.

Balloon Nail Art

4. Bow Nail Art

Bows have been a symbol of femininity. It also signifies specialty, beauty, gift and love. Wearing a bow nail art for birthday will jog your memory back and remind you of the fairytales. Interesting, isn’t it. To create a simple and quick bow design on your nails, apply a nude paint first. Once it dries up, apply purple color on the lower half of the nail. Draw a bow at the edge of the nail using a black paint. Add a white bead sticker to the center of the bow to create a pop up effect.

Bow Nail Art

5. Glitters And Pink

To make the nail art more interesting and create a chunky and funky look, use golden glitter nail paint. To keep the birthday theme in your nail design, paint the thumb and middle finger nails using plain light pink. On the thumb nail, draw the age number using a black paint. Paint the pinky and index finger nails with golden glitters. Go for a balloon art on the ring finger. Use glitters to make the blobs of the balloons.


Glitters And Pink

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