5 Fantastic Foot Tattoo Designs For Women

Fantastic Foot Tattoo Designs For Women

As modern women are becoming fashion and style conscious day by day they are realizing that a fashion attire not only makes them look beautiful but it also increases their personality. Foot is a part of body that is becoming important to fashion conscious women day by day to wear fashion attire. A foot tattoo is one of such fashion attires that is becoming popular in recent time.

A tattoo is done mainly in the upper front part of the foot or in ankle. A woman can do any generic tattoo in the foot. But it must be kept in mind that it is better to avoid religious tattoo in a place like foot. Because a religious tattoo in foot sometimes creates controversy. The main purpose of foot tattoo is of course foot to look decorative and attractive.

Here Are 5 Fantastic Foot Tattoo Designs (with Meanings) For Women:

Feather Foot Tattoo Designs

A feather stands for smoothness  and femininity. Moreover to people like native American or American Indians a feather symbolizes boldness. That is why a feather tattoo is a popular choice for tattoo loving women for foot.

Feather foot tattoo designs

Anchor Foot Tattoos

An anchor is associated with ship which remains tied to sea bed in harbor or stormy seas by the help of the anchor. That is why an anchor image stands for stability in life. An anchor image or tattoo in body gives the wearer a feeling of hope and inspiration. That is why an anchor tattoo is frequently seen in feet of women.

Anchor foot tattoos

Bat Foot Tattoo Designs

Bat is a nocturnal mammal that normally is associated with dark things and vampirism. But in reality bat is a benevolent animal that eats harmful insects like mosquito and help society. Moreover the habit of a bat hanging upside down from tree makes it a symbol of motherhood and fertility in some cultures around the world. All these qualities and bat’s ability to hunt or see in darkness makes it favorite for tattoo lovers. A group of bats foot tattoo is very common in tattoo market.

Bat foot tattoo designs

Dragon Foot Tattoos

A dragon once was thought to be an evil creature to people of western countries. But now a dragon stands for power, strength, magic and wisdom. Besides popularity of films like The Girl With Dragon Tattoo has made dragon a symbol of inner as well as physical strength of a woman.  A serpentine dragon tattoo is suitable for foot.

Dragon foot tattoos

Flower Foot Tattoo Designs

There are number of flower as well as exciting orchid tattoos available in the market which are perfectly suitable for foot. A flower tattoo stands for feminine beauty and tenderness. Flower in foot makes the foot of a woman look really gorgeous.

Flower foot tattoo designs

So you want to do a tattoo in your foot. Kindly choose from the list given here.

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