5 Eye Catching Back Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

There was a time when doing body art or tattoos among common man was not that much acceptable in society. As society became more advanced and outlook about fashion changed doing tattoos on body became acceptable. As doing tattoo on body is a very common fashion statement in modern time, men and women are becoming more and more bold in their attitude to expose certain parts of body in public with a tattoo on it. Back particularly upper back is such a body part.

Back specially upper back is like a wide canvas on which a tattoo artist can draw a tattoo with detail and vivid realism. An exposed upper back is a body part that makes a man particularly a woman look attractive. That is why doing tattoo on upper back is becoming a craze. Any generic tattoo can be done on upper back.

Here Are 5 Eye Catching Back Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Flower On Back Tattoo Designs

Different types of flower tattoos are available aplenty in tattoo market. Flower tattoos are very popular among women. Colorful flower tattoo on body makes a woman look ravishing. It certainly looks very eye catching if the woman has an attractive upper back. Flower tattoos normally stand for beauty and sweet fragrance. But flower like lotus represents spirituality with also.

Flower on back tattoo designs

2. Wings On Back Tattoos

Wing tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers. Simple feathery wings on body stands for living free like a bird without bondage from anything. Sometimes big wings represent god’s messengers angels too. A great upper back looks really awesome with a pair of wings tattoo.

Wings on back tattoos

3. Big Painting On Back Tattoo Designs

It is already mentioned that back is a body part that is so wide and flexible that if a wearer has patience then a tattoo artist can draw vivid art or big painting on it. Really enthusiastic tattoo lovers are seen with very big complex back tattoos that show Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, angels with big wings, to devilish figures. Tattoo artists do have interesting ideas and designs with them. A wearer has to choose the design with some kind of meaning to it.

Big painting on back tattoo designs

4. Tribal Back Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are very popular among fashion conscious tattoo lovers. Any generic tattoo looks awesome on body if done in ornamental tribal art. The simplicity of such tattoos have made those dear to people too. A man or woman can have any kind of generic tattoo done in tribal art on upper back. Tribal back tattoos stand for love and respect for ancient tribal art.

Tribal back tattoos

5. Animal Or Bird Back Tattoo Designs

Animal or bird tattoos provide thousands of tattoo designs and ideas to tattoo wearers. Almost every animal from land or water, bird from sky, reptile, insect has a tattoo design of its own. The amusing thing is animal or bird tattoos cover some animals or birds like dragon, unicorn, centaur, phoenix etc which do not exist in reality. Only in myths and legends. A skilled tattoo artist can bring those to vivid reality if they find a wide space like upper back or back. Each animal or creature species has its own meaning. But a tattoo lover must wear such a tattoo that carries positive message. So you like to have a back tattoo. Kindly choose from the list given here.

Animal or bird back tattoo designs

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