5 Extraordinary Science Fiction Tattoo Designs

Arts and entertainment field provides great inspirations for extraordinary and attractive tattoo designs. Literature is a very important part of this field. In literature science fiction or sci fi branch is very popular. Sci fi literature gradually has given birth to sci fi movies. There are very interesting tattoos in market which follow both sci fi literature and movies. These are increasingly becoming popular among tattoo lovers.

Meaning Of Sci Fi Tattoo

Sci fi is a speculative branch of literature that tells possibilities of certain scientific facts that may happen one day. It entirely depends upon the imagination of the writer or creator. The imagination persuades a creative person to concoct a story that has amazing machines, cityscapes and it can even take place in a distant planet too. The early sci fi stories were written by such great men in history of mankind like Voltaire. He wrote a short fiction called Micromegas, one of the early sci fi stories. Later everybody has read Jules Verne. Some of this writer’s predictions even became true. In later time as artform like movies become popular, sci fi movies become a staple product of movie industry. Sci fi tattoos have all the elements from sci fi literature and movies. Men as well as women like do sci fi tattoos on body. A sci fi tattoo stands for love, respect and admiration for sci fi literature and movies. It also symbolizes respect for futuristic ideas, possibilities and imagination. A si fi tattoo can be done in places like shoulder, arms, back, thigh, leg, side of the body.

Here Are 5 Extraordinary Science Fiction Tattoo Designs

1. Jules Verne Tattoo Designs

Jules Verne is perhaps the most celebrated sci fi writer in the history of literature. His predictions have become true. Almost every literature loving person has read his books like 20,000 leagues under the sea, Journey to the center of the earth, Around the world in eighty days etc. There are some interesting tattoos that show Verne’s portrait.

Jules Verne Tattoo Designs

2. Frankenstein Tattoos

Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein is one of the most celebrated sci fi stories or novels in the world where a genius scientist reanimated a dead body made from body parts of different corpses by the help of lightening. This story is popular even today. Interesting Frankenstein tattoos show the face of Frankenstein’s monster from the early film version.

Frankenstein Tattoos

3. Robot Tattoo Designs

Whenever the word sci fi is uttered the very first image that comes into mind is of a robot. Indeed sci fi literature and movies are full of robots of different shapes and sizes. There are almost hundreds of designs for robot tattoos that can be easily found in the market. Some have cartoon robots too. A tattoo lover has to choose the design, place and size.

Robot Tattoo Designs

4. Alien Tattoos

For very long mankind has a belief that there are other intelligent creatures living in other planet like man. These creatures time to time visit earth too. There are almost thousands of stories and movies which are concocted or made after alien visit on earth. Some of these aliens are friendly while some others are purely hostile. A tattoo lover who believes in such sci fi possibility can choose from hundreds of alien tattoo designs found in the market.

Alien Tattoos

5. Avatar Tattoo Designs

Mankind’s colonization of other planet is another sci fi possibility that frequently is read or seen. In the recent Oscar winning movie Avatar, it is shown that mankind have colonized a fictional planet Pandora in another galaxy and destroying its ecology for profit. There are several Avatar tattoo designs available in market for tattoo lovers.


Avatar Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a sci fi tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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