5 Extraordinary Moon Tattoo Designs

Are you planning on getting inked? You must have thought about several designs. We suggest you to get a moon tattoo done if you are looking for something with a meaning. Moon symbolizes the feminine power. Sun is the masculine power with the heat and the moon is calm and composed which gives out feminine energy. It is a small tattoo but it has big relevance. Here’s what we will do for you – we will make life simpler for you by listing the 5 Extraordinary Moon Tattoo Designs. You will absolutely love them. Take a look and get inspired.

Here Are The 5 Extraordinary Moon Tattoo Designs:

1. Floral Crescent Moon

This one is a very feminine one which adds two elements to it. It has flowers as well as a moon. The crescent moon is made up of flowers. Your tattoo artist can make the flowers inside the moon such as roses inside the crescent moon. Alternatively you can also ask the artist to make the crescent moon using floral outlines. It will look gorgeous.

Floral Crescent Moon

2. Sun Compass Crescent Moon

Sun symbolizes masculinity and the moon symbolizes femininity. You can get the crescent moon done and just where the moon is curving, you can get a sun compass made. It is very stylish and gives out the energy of being neutral about both the genders. The sun and the moon have a direct relationship. When the sun goes down, the moon arises.

Sun Compass Crescent Moon

3. Phases Of The Moon

This one is a popular one which looks so amazing at the back. The phases of the moon can start from the neck and all the way down the spine. Moon has many phases which symbolizes magic, dreams and purity. It also symbolizes how a woman goes through several changes and so many phases that she passes through. You can get it done on your arm as well. However it looks best on the spine. It looks really good!

Phases Of The Moon

4. Cat On The Moon

In most cultures, you will see that cats are related to witches and the evil. In fact in Roman culture, the cats symbolized Diana – the moon goddess. You can make the sitting inside the curve to show that there is affinity between the two. The cat and the moon can share a glance and the moon can have a smiling face looking at the cat. It is a stylish tattoo which shows the evil and strong side of a woman.

Cat On The Moon

5. Deeply Shaded Full Moon

A full moon tattoo has so many meaning attached to it. It means change and fertility. We see a dark shaded moon and we think of werewolf. It is dark, mysterious and so powerful. A believer of dark souls and magic can actually get this tattoo done. Ask your tattoo artist to give you a dark shaded full moon on your shoulder or just beneath your neck at the back.

Deeply Shaded Full Moon

Do not take your first tattoo lightly. Usually people decide the worst design with no meaning as their first tattoo and they keep regretting it for the rest of their life. Choose the best moon tattoo for yourself out of the list and you will be a happy person by the end of the day. All the best for your first tattoo!

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