5 Excellent Neck Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

There was no binding in society in exposing body part like neck among public in ancient or medieval time. People specially women used to expose shoulder and neck quite easily. They used to decorate neck with ornaments. As body art or tattoo started to become increasingly popular among fashion conscious people they started to have tattoos on the neck also. Now neck tattoo is extremely popular and has become a craze.

Neck is not a very spacious place. A tattoo can be done only in small size on neck. Any generic tattoo is fit for neck. A neck tattoo can be made on both sides of neck as well as back of neck too. Women specially have weakness for tattoos on neck.

Here Are 5 Excellent Neck Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Tribal Neck Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are extremely popular in these days. Each and every generic tattoo has its own tribal ornamental design. Tattoo lovers like to do tribal art on neck. A tribal tattoo stands for love and respect for tribal culture and art. If you are interested terrific tribal designs are available in market to have on neck.

Tribal Neck Tattoo Designs

2. Birds On Neck Tattoos

Bird or flocks of birds flying are also very popular tattoos for neck. A flying bird or birds stand for living freely without bondage.

Birds On Neck Tattoos

3. Eye On Neck Tattoo Designs

Eye tattoos are very popular tattoo designs for people who like to have offbeat tattoo on body. An eye on body or neck stands for conveying a feeling that you are being watched to the society. Besides an eye of Ra symbolizes sun god in Egyptian culture. In this regard it has spiritual value too.

Eye on neck tattoo designs

4. Dragon On Neck Tattoos

A dragon is a mythical creature that can breath fire. People of some Asian countries like China and Japan think dragon as a wise magical creature. In past people of some European countries thought dragon was an evil creature. Now dragon symbolizes physical as well as inner strength. Terrific serpentine dragon tattoos are available to do on neck.

Dragon on neck tattoos

5. 3D Flower Tattoo Designs On Neck

Flower tattoos are very popular among tattoo loving women. There are hundreds of flower tattoos available in tattoo market. Terrific flower tattoos with awesome 3 dimensional depth are there to have on neck. Rose is a popular choice.

3D flower tattoo designs on neck

So you want to have a neck tattoo, kindly choose from the list given here.