5 Evergreen Colour Combinations That Are Must Haves

Evergreen Colour Combinations That Are Must Haves

Fashion keeps on changing and most of us are always trying to meet the current fashion statements which are called the “in” things. However hard may one try to follow the latest fashion ,  one bitter fact is that we cannot always follow the fashion because it changes on a daily basis. There are times when one fails to carry an “in” fashion statement and they still have to look good. In such situations, some classic and evergreen colour combinations come to rescue.

Following Are A Few Colour Combinations Which Never Go “out” And Are Classic

1) Iconic black and white

Black and white is the most versatile combination in the sense that it can be put into any attire and can be carried with utmost grace. Be it Indian wear like a salwar-kamiz, lehanga or a glamorous sari, or western outfits like gowns, short dresses etc. Black and white is both casual and formal. It all depends upon how you want to put them together. The versatility of this pair also reflects from the fact that it compliments all the complexions and is out and out an “all season” pair.

Iconic black and white

2) Pink and Blue

This pair has worked wonders whenever used. It gives you a pretty look and often suits to all body types. Pink and blue blend together to give you a visual treat. This is most often the most widely used colour combination when it comes to designer wear. Darker shades of pink like rose pink go really well with royal and navy blues. It must be kept in mind that these two colours should always be used as a blend in an outfit because their demarcated use may not always bring out the required grace. This pair looks best on the dresses which have a flowing pattern. This combination is definitely a must have in your wardrobe.

Pink and blue

3) Black and Red

Nothing compliments black more than red. Black symbolises intensity and red in itself is a colour symbolising love and energy. When put together, these two colours give boldness to an outfit. Used more in winters, this pair has a sense of warmth in itself which gets imparted to the outfit. Fashion will come and go, but this combination is a sure shot hit for all occasions.

Black and red

4) Brown and Cream

This combination this one of the most easy to carry and is definitely a very graceful combination. cream is a neutral colour and can be worn with different colours depending on the season but cream with brown is one combination which can be worn throughout the year. people with dark complexion should not opt for this combination beacause it will make them look all the more darker.

Brown and cream

5) Black and Bottle Green

If worked upon nicely, these two colours can bring out the most gorgeous you. Black and green is anyways a permanent member of the list of favourites of almost everyone and when its about bottle green, you just can’t miss to have one in your wardrobe. This pair can be used in  both subtle casual dresses or heavy party outfits. Black and green are again a combination that can be used in both traditional and western dresses. When used in Indian outfits, it gives you a “different” look as compared to the conventional styles and with western dresses, as said before, it will bring out the best of you. Shimmer or mat, cotton, velvet, or net, this combination works on any pattern and any design.

Black and bottle green

So if you don’t want to join the fashion rat race and still stay high on fashion quotient, above five colour combinations are going to help you the most. Do try these must haves.

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