5 Effectual Ways To Eliminate Facial Hair

Unwanted hair on face can be a great disaster for all women on earth. It can damage the entire beauty. Almost all ladies are scared of this issue. The main reason behind hair growth on face is genetic factors. For some ladies, the secretion of male hormone is more than female hormone. At times, daughters tend to have this problem because of their mother gene. Don’t worry as there are many techniques available to remove facial hair. Apart from threading and waxing, there are many other solutions like face masks and epilation. Scientific advancements have given us more solutions like laser treatment and electrolysis.

Here Are 5 Effectual Ways To Eliminate Facial Hair For Women

1. Peel Off Packs

Various peel off masks are obtainable at stores. Select the brand and type which suits your skin. This is an effective way to get rid of facial hair. Simply apply a moderate layer of face pack and allow it to completely dry off. The mask sticks firmly to the upper epidermal layer of the skin. Then slowly peel off the mask with which the unwanted hair comes along and thus making your face look clean and clear. This method can eliminate the dead skin cells as well.

Peel Off Packs

2. Electrolysis

Nowadays many women are going for electrolysis as this is a long lasting solution when compared to others. One of the disadvantages of this method is the expense. You have to spend quite a lot for this treatment. The facial hair is burnt from the roots. It comes in a few sets. You have to spend a number of repeated sessions and so it is time consuming as well. It is not painful at all apart from little uneasy feelings. People with pacemakers and other skin problems must not try this method. It is better to consult a physician before doing this.


3. Epilation

This technique is becoming popular nowadays. Many people avoid this method as it fastens the hair growth process. The hair might grow back in a week. However, there are many benefits of following this technique. Regular epilation and regrowth of hair can retain our youthful glow. It is indeed troublesome to use epilators every week but it is worth the effort. It can make your skin silky smooth and the hair removal process is painless. Use moisturizing cream before the process and wash off with lukewarm water after the epilation. You can get epilator tools at beauty stores nearby.


4. Facial Spring

This is a tool which can be easily used by anyone in removing facial hairs. This tool is made up of coiled spring in the middle with two plastic handles at both sides. Bend the spring by holding the handles to make an upturned U. Place it on the spots of unwanted hair and slowly roll the tool in an outward motion. It is painless except for a slight stinging sensation. This method is completely easy and can be done at home any time.

Facial Spring

5. Laser Treatment

This is another permanent solution for facial hair. The laser beam can kill the hair follicles and thus disabling them to produce any hair in the future. Don’t worry as this technique wont damage your skin. After the treatment, cooling mechanisms are used to ensure the health of our skin. Laser treatments are available at hospitals and dermatological centers. The only disadvantage is it is quite expensive but you can say goodbye to facial hair forever.

Laser Treatment

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