5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight From Your Face

Lose Weight From Your Face

Facial fat is absolutely undesirable in adults. Chubby cheeks may look cute on a baby but it makes an adult look fat and out of shape. Double chin or plump cheeks look aesthetically unappealing and can make an adult extremely self-conscious.  Losing weight from the face means reducing weight from a specific body part and can not be achieved by dieting alone. However losing weight from your face is definitely not an impossible task. All it requires is a more focused approach that concentrates particularly on facial muscles and facial fats.

Here Are 5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight From Your Face:

Cut-down On Salt And Sugar Consumption

This is an effective way to lose weight from your face. Several studies performed by dieticians and nutritionist prove that facial weight is more the result of water retention than fat accumulation. Excess water retained by the body makes your face look fat and plump. High salt and sugar intake causes water retention. So by simply cutting down on your salt and sugar intake you can greatly reduce water retention making your face look thin and healthy. Avoid potato chips, canned soups, ready-to-eat packaged food items and deep fried snacks as they are high on sodium and causes major water retention in the face.

Cut-down on salt and sugar consumption

Try Facial Yoga And Exercises

There are several exercises or yoga steps that concentrate on toning your facial muscles. Well-toned facial muscles make your face look lean and in-shape. Smiling or laughing out loud is the most effective exercise to lose weight from face. Or try tilting your head towards the back so that you face the ceiling and then blow air out of your mouth with as much force as you can. This will help to tone your cheeks and jaws. To exercise your cheeks take in air inside your mouth and puff-up your cheeks. Then let the air out with force. Repeat it 10 to 15 times till your cheeks start to feel the stress. Chewing gum is also an effective exercise for the cheek and jaws. But always opt for sugar-free chewing gum instead of its sweetened flavored variety.

Try facial yoga and exercises

Facial Massage

Effective facial massages not only help you to relax but it also helps to reduce weight from face. Massaging increases blood circulation in the face and makes the facial muscles toned and healthy. You can either opt for facial massages in a beauty salon or spa or you can do face massages at home. Follow upward strokes, starting from the neck while massaging your face. Then with upward movements work on your cheeks drawing them towards the forehead. Then massage your forehead with circular hand movements.

Facial massage

Drink Plenty Of Water

The natural process of the body is to retain water when there is a deficit in the water in-take. This process of retaining water by the body makes your face look bloated. To avoid bloating drink atleast 2 to 3 liters of water per day.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

This is another effective way to reduce weight from face. Alcohol and smoking causes water retention and make your face look puffy. It also makes the skin lose its elasticity and hence makes the facial skin look sagging.

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Apart from trying these facial weight loss techniques it is also important for you to choose the right kind of hairstyle and makeup for yourself. Wrong hairstyle will make your face look fat. Know your face type and what type of hairstyle suits you the best. It helps to camouflage facial fat and makes your face look slim. Also highlighting the cheek bones with makeup makes your face look toned and beautiful. So go ahead and follow these simple steps to have beautiful toned face.

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