5 Effective Ways Of Removing Pimples On Eyelids

Ways Of Removing Pimples On Eyelids

Pimple on eyelids is also called as sty. The possible reason which causes this issue can be bacterial infection of the oil glands in that area. This pimple can be caused on the upper as well as lower eye lid. The interesting fact about this problem is that it does not grow in multiples. This pimple has not a definite shape and sometimes it vanishes without performing any treatment. This occurrence of pimple is not just painful but quite irritating too. Sty can lead to watery eyes, redness and irritation in the eyes. Well it does not hamper vision at all. In this article you will find five ways of removing pimples on eyelids.

Here Are The 5 Effective Ways Of Removing Pimples On Eyelids:

Avoid Contact Of Water

If you have got a lump over your eye lids then it is advised not to clean your face including eyes with water. You can clean your eyelids with a clean wet cotton piece two times a day. This will not only ensure proper hygiene but also would not aggravate the painful symptoms associated with it. If you wish then you can also add a little amount of shampoo and dettol in lukewarm water and dip a clean cotton piece into it.

Splash Water

Cover Your Eyelids With Hot Wet Cloth

If you are suffering with soreness in the eyes then close your eyelids and apply a warm, clean and damp cloth on your eyelids. Let the cloth stays on your eyelids for a few minutes. This is a very effective treatment which helps you get quick relief in just few applications. Follow this hot compress procedure three times in a day to get rid of sty forever.

Hot Wet Cloth

Apply Antibiotic Cream On The Affected Eyelids

Antibiotic creams and lotions also help in freeing your skin from infections and also prevents occurrence of pimples in future. All you need to do is to apply a good antibiotic cream with the help of cotton before going to bed.

Apply Antibiotic Cream On The Affected Eyelids

Keep Your Eyelids Makeup Free

Keep your eyes and area surrounding your eyes completely free from makeup such as mascara, kajal, eyeliner etc. which will prevent growth of bacteria on the skin.

Keep Your Eyelids Makeup Free

Homemade Sandalwood Recepie

Take powder sandalwood and mix it with honey. Apply the paste for about half and hour. Remove the paste with luke warm water softly. You will surely see the difference if you will apply the patse for four days regularly.

Sandalwood with water

I am sure by following these above methods you will definitely eliminate pimples from your eyelids and all its difficult symptoms.

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