5 Effective Tips To Handle Dry Skin Around The Eyes

Skin is very sensitive. Especially, skin under the eyes is very delicate and is prone to dryness. Natural oil exhaustion is one of the primary causes for dryness around your eyes. As a result, wrinkles process speeds up and advances the aging process. Usually, the signs of ageing start from the skin that is around your eyes. Hence, you must take proper care to protect the skin which is very sensitive in the region of your eyes. Dry climate and usage of harsh cosmetics are also few important factors that result in dry skin. In rare cases, skin disorders also contribute its percentage and lead to dry skin. You can easily handle this situation by following few simple techniques. In this article, we are sharing with you few effective tips that come to your rescue to handle the problem of dry skin around the eyes.

Here Are 5 Effective Tips To Handle Dry Skin Around The Eyes

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is very effective in hydrating your skin and eliminating dry skin problem. So, add few drops of olive oil on cotton ball. Apply on the affected area with the help of cotton ball and allow the skin to absorb the benefits of olive oil overnight. Olive oil, by acting as a repairing agent, is very capable in handling the dryness of the skin and makes your eyes look attractive [1].

Olive Oil

2. Honey

Honey is store house of therapeutic and cosmetic properties. It is the best moisturizing agent. Undoubtedly, you can grab the benefits of honey for handling the dryness of the skin around the eyes. Apply honey on the skin and leave it for at least ten minutes. Later, rinse off gently. Though honey is sticky, do not wipe harshly on your skin. With patience, try to rinse off honey from your face.


3. Raw Milk

Raw milk is rich in skin nourishing and skin friendly properties. Apply milk with the help of cotton ball on the skin which is under your eyes. Let your skin absorb the nourishing properties from milk. Eventually, wash off by using normal water.

Raw Milk

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is the mostly used ingredient in most of the face packs because of its skin healing properties. This juice is very effective in managing the dry skin problem. apply some amount of cucumber juice on your under eye region. After fifteen minutes, rinse off by using warm water. Pat it dry.

Cucumber Juice

5. Rose Water

Rose water is extremely functional in maintaining the hydration around the area of your eyes. Hence, you must make it a practice of applying rose water under your eyes to handle dryness. Also, this process helps in the prevention of the skin puffiness under your eyes.

Rose Water

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