5 Soothing And Effective Home Remedies To Get Relief From Dysentery

Home Remedies To Get Relief From Dysentery

Dysentery is a common problem from which many people suffer from time to time. This disease is mainly caused due to eating of stale or unhygienic. If you have a sensitive tummy then you have high chances of getting dysentery. Some common symptoms of dysentery are severe loose motion, dehydration, nausea, abdominal pain and too much of fatigue and weakness. Though there are medicines that can cure the disease but apart from that there are certain very effective home remedies that that gives you relief from the discomfort caused due to dysentery.

Below Are 5 Soothing And Effective Home Remedies To Get Relief From Dysentery:

1. Drink Mustard Seeds Soaked Water:

One of the best home remedies to get relief from dysentery is to drink mustard seeds soaked water. Mustard seeds have a good amount of antimicrobial properties that kills the bacteria causing the dysentery and gives you a very soothing effect. Take about one fourth teaspoon of mustard seeds and soak it in a glass of water for about an hour. Then after an hour strain the water in a cup and drink it slowly. After a while you will see that the discomfort is reducing. Drink this home remedy at least twice a day till the dysentery is cured completely.

Drink Mustard Seeds Soaked Water

2. Drink Pomegranate And Grape Juice:

Fresh pomegranate and grape juice is considered as another very effective home remedy for dysentery. Pomegranate is rich in iron so it increases hemoglobin and apart from that it also reduces various digestion related problems as well. On the other hand grape juice contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that soothes the tummy and helps to reduce the dysentery to a great extent. Put both pomegranate seeds and a few grapes in the juicer and squeeze out the fresh juice in a glass. After this add a pinch of turmeric to the juice and mix it well. Once the juice is ready sip it slowly and drink it. Drink the juice daily twice a day and get relief from dysentery soon.

Drink Pomegranate And Grape Juice

3. Drink Carrot Juice:

Fresh carrot juice is considered as another very effective and beneficial home remedy for dysentery.  Carrot is rich in vitamins and minerals that helps to reduce fatigue and provides lot of energy to the body which is essential if you are suffering from dysentery. Moreover carrot juice also hydrates the body and helps in maintain the body fluid which is essential during dysentery. Take a fresh carrot and put it in the blender and squeeze out the fresh juice in a glass. Then if you want you can keep the juice in the refrigerator so that it becomes cold. After this slowly sip and drink the cold juice as this will give your body a very soothing effect and help to reduce the extent of dysentery as well. Try and drink 2 to 3 glasses of carrot juice daily to get complete relief from dysentery.

Drink Carrot Juice

4. Have Onion Mixture:

Another very effective home remedy that is ideal for dysentery is to have onion mixture. Onions have diuretic and expectorant properties that  helps to cure the dysentery and other digestive problems. Onion also has antiseptic properties that helps kill the infection which causes dysentery. To prepare this home remedy first peel one fresh onion and cut it into small slices. Then add about 2 teaspoon of yoghurt to it and mix it well. After this slowly take the paste spoon by spoon and chew it slowly. Though it might not taste good but it will give you great deal of relief from dysentery. Try and have it twice a day till your dysentery is completely cured.

Have Onion Mixture

5. Drink A Mixture Of Ginger Powder And Buttermilk:

Drinking a mixture of ginger powder and buttermilk is considered as another effective home remedy for dysentery. Ginger has good amount antifungal and antibacterial properties which give relief from acute abdominal pain and infection caused due to dysentery. Take about half teaspoon of ginger powder and mix it with a cup of butter milk. Stir the mixture properly so that the ginger powder mixes well with the buttermilk. Then drink this mixture at least 2 – 3 times a day until your dysentery is cured completely.

Drink A Mixture Of Ginger Powder And Buttermilk
These Are In Brief 5 Soothing And Effective Home Remedies To Get Relief From Dysentery

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