5 Effective Essential Oils For Your Hair

Essential Oils For Your Hair

Essential oils are like the blessings of Mother Nature to us, as these aromatic oils are loaded with myriad health and beauty attributes. In comparison to various vegetable oils like olive oil, almond, sesame oil, etc. essential oils are stronger in density and are immensely beneficial for your tresses.

Different oil possesses different benefits while some of them condition your hair well, some helps to strengthen the hair-roots, some of them even treat scalp related issues right way and promotes hair growth. However, as nature is endowed with the bounty of numerous essential oils hence navigating the right one for you is not an easy task, so here we give you tips on top 5 essential oils, which would nourish your hair and will keep hair problems at bay.

Here Are The Top 5 Effective Essential Oils For Your Hair:

Lavender Oil:

This is one of the most wonderful essential oils as it suits almost each type of hair and serves in multiple ways. Lavender oil is packed with anti-septic, anti-inflammatory properties hence it heals the dry, flaky or itchy scalp problem. While on the other hand, nourishes your hair, boosts hair growth, promotes healthy and glossy hair even kills hair lice and nits. Lavender oil even works as miracle on alopecia areata patients.

Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil:

If dandruff problem lands you up in social awkwardness and you are fed up with the false claims of chemical products then give essential oil a try to banish dandruff problem right way. As tea tree oil is enriched with huge amount of anti-septic compounds so it not only provides an effective treatment to diminish dandruff but also cures other scalp related problems. Tea tree oil works best on dry hair and scalp as it retains the required moisture to your scalp and rejuvenates your hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Rosemary Oil:

Hair loss will no longer be a worry if Rosemary oil is at your help. This oil not only controls hair fall on a great extent but even helps to stimulate the hair follicles that promotes healthy and thick hair. Rosemary oil preserves huge amount of anti-oxidants which banishes the damaging toxins and free radical and prevent pre-mature graying of the hair. Moreover, this oil is quite effective in treating scalp infection, dandruff etc.

Rosemary oil

Chamomile Oil:

When you are struggling with dandruff or dry and itchy scalp problem chamomile oil comes for rescue. Apart from this, this oil also prevents hair breakage and softens your tresses and if you are not impressed yet then additionally chamomile essential oil gives a golden hue to blond hair and adds luster to black hair.

Chamomile oil

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil holds plenty of hair benefits. To begin with, it eliminates the excess oil from your scalp yet doesn’t make it dry out and binds the natural moisture to it and thus prevent dandruff problem. On the other hand, this oil promotes healthy hair growth along with a great a smell. Hence it gives you all reason to give this oil a try.

Peppermint Oil

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