5 Effective Beauty Recipes For Clear And Spotless Skin

Beauty Recipes

When we talk about beautiful face the thing that we put emphasis is the spotless clear skin. But most of the time it is not possible to get a clear skin because of many reason. Due to hormonal changes, freckles, acne scars, pollution effect etc. you may notice lots of spots or marks on your face. You may have used different kind of beauty products on your face to remove such spots or marks from your face.

Do you ever try some beauty recipes for your spots? Actually beauty recipes made with natural ingredients gently clears off any kind of spot from your face without providing harm to your skin. Where as chemical beauty products has side effect on your skin which makes your skin damaged if used in long term basis.

Here Is A Collection Of Some Effective Beauty Recipes:

1. Tomato And Gram Flour Beauty Recipe:

Tomato is a miracle natural ingredient which successfully removes any type of spots from your face. This amazing ingredient has rich in nutrients which makes your skin flawless either consumed or used in beauty recipes.
For preparation of this home made beauty recipe take one ripe tomato, a small one is enough. Mash it to get pulp and then mix 1-2 tbsp of gram flour, 1 tsp of honey and 1-2 tsp of sour curd with this tomato pulp to get the resultant beauty recipe. Gently apply it on your skin and wait for 15 minutes so that it gets dry. Wash your face with splashes of water.

Tomato And Gram Flour

2. Potato And Lemon Beauty Recipe:

Do you know potato and lemon beauty recipes are just too good for removing spots from your face? Yes, it is. This natural beauty recipe is really effective and you can get the ingredients in your kitchen. To remove the spots of your face try this recipe at least 2-3 times in a week.

To prepare this amazing recipe take 1 small potato, remove the peel and then grate it. Then pour 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice and 1 tbsp of powdered fuller’s earth in it. Mix well to produce a thick paste out of it. Then gently apply it on your whole face leaving the under eye and lip area of your face. Wait for 20 minutes and then remove it with water.

Potato And Lemon

3. Sandal Wood Powder And Rose Water Recipe:

Now a day there is too much pollution in nature and due to this reason some black patch like spot can appear on your skin. These types of spots look ugly on your face and they are some times hard to remove. Try this home made beauty recipe daily on your face to get flawless clear skin.

Take 2 tbsp Sandal Wood powder, 1 tsp of turmeric powder and required amount of Rose water so that you can prepare a thick paste. Then gently apply it on your whole face and leave it on your skin for half an hour. Finally rinse it off with ice cold water. For quicker result try it daily on your skin.

 Sandal Wood Powder And Rose Water

4. Lemon Juice And Honey Beauty Recipe:

Do you have spots or scars due to acne on your face? Looking ugly due to these spots on your face? These spots can be removed through natural beauty recipes made in your home. Try this amazing beauty recipe made with lemon juice and honey.

You will need honey, almond oil, milk and fresh lemon juice to prepare this recipe. Take 1 tsp of each ingredient and then combine them to get the final recipe. Then apply it on your acne scars and spots that are caused by pimples. Let it dry on your skin and then wash it with plain water. Do it daily for effective results.

Lemon Juice And Honey

5. Radish And Sour Curd Beauty Recipe:

Some body has spots on their face due to freckles. It can happen in your early 40’s or late 40’s. Freckles marks are so stubborn to remove from your skin. But do you know that it can be removed from your skin with this superb beauty recipe. Try it regularly on your spots and get clear skin.

First grind a small piece of radish to get a paste like thing. Also make paste with bay leaves and water. Now pour radish paste, bay leaves paste, sour curd and lemon juice in a container. Mix all of them to get this beauty recipe. Be careful that it must not be runny as you have to apply it on your skin. First apply it on the affected area and then on your whole face. Keep it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it with Luke warm water.

Lemon Juice And Honey

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