5 Easy Ways To Style Your Bob

Looking for a new and different look with a pixie cut? Generally, one would think it is impossible to style a short bob, but there are a lot of hairstyling options available when you make minor changes to your hair. Here are a few styling options you can choose from when you want to style your bob differently.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Style Your Bob:

1. Headband

Your workout band can be used to give your bob a rocking look. It will be perfect to pull your ironed hair off and out of your face. Just place the headband at the edge of your hair on the forehead. Iron your hair so that it does not fly away. This sleek look will make you look younger and chic.


2. Middle Part

Shifting your hair part might bring a major change to your look and you will not believe that this small change can transform your look completely as if you have had a new hair cut. As the hair turns over in various directions with a middle part, it might enhance your look by creating an illusion of layers and volume. A chin length bob with a middle part is very much up-to-the-minute and classy.

Middle Part

3. Round Brushed Bob

The only thing you require for creating this style is a medium size round brush. Wash your hair and when you blow dry it, use the round brush to add some volume to the crown region. Smoothen the rest of the hair and finish with a finishing spray. Apply some serum to add some shine to the hair.

Round Brushed Bob

4. Full Fringe Bob

Create a deep partition on either side of the head and start drying up the bangs. Use a flat brush to style the bangs as your blow dry. Start brushing the bands on the side opposite to how you would like the bangs to fall once it dries. When the bangs get 80 percent dried, start brushing the proper side. This practice creates a swoopy look. This style works out well for a short bob.

Full Fringe Bob

5. Totally Tousled

You would need a curling iron (standard sized) to create this style. Start with a smoothed out hair. Take small segments of your hair and start curling them. Once all sections are curled then using your fingers gently comb through to separate the curls. Finish by spraying a finishing spray. This is a perfect style for a fun filled night out.

Totally Tousled

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