5 Easy Tips For Women To Get Healthy Nails And Hands

All of us want to have a pair of beautiful hands. The beauty of our hands lies in our nails. But most of the times our nails get damaged and unhealthy nails often results in broken nails. Some times you experience nail fungus and other nail problems. But do you know that if you take care of your nails, you can get beautiful healthy nails. So, to have healthy and beautiful nails we have to take care of your nails.
Here are some useful easy steps to follow, so that you can get healthy nails without any effort. All these tips are very much useful and very easy so that you can follow them easily.

Here Are 5 Easy Tips For Women To Get Healthy Nails And Hands

1. Always Wear Gloves

We have to household jobs frequently. When we do any household job, our hand gets contact with water and detergent, which is very harmful for the nails. If your nails get in contact with the water all the time, nail fungus can appear in the corner of your nails. When you are doing any household jobs like washing your clothes or cleaning your utensils, always wear rubber gloves in your hands. It will protect the nails of your hand and also protects your skin from the harmful effect of detergent. Also wear gloves when you are working in your garden; it will protect your hands from the skin diseases.

Always Wear Gloves

2. Massage Your Nails Regularly

After the use of any soap or detergent always gently massage your nails and your hand always with any good quality hand cream. Do it regularly. Apply cream in the outside of every nail and surrounding area in a well manner. Use your thumb finger for massaging your nails in circular movement. In dry atmosphere especially in the winter season this massaging is highly needed. It actually helps in preventing breakage of nails and also helps you in maintaining healthy nails also keeping your hand soft.

Massage Your Nails Regularly

3. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Do you know that a healthy diet can help you a lot to get healthy nails? Please include protein and calcium in your diet to get naturally healthy nails. Calcium helps you to prevent breakage of nails. Try to consume skimmed milk, sour curd, cottage cheese, fish and green veggies every day for healthy nails. Fruits can also do magic for your nails too. So, try to eat at least one fruit daily. Citrus fruits are a rich source of calcium; so try to keep it in your daily diet for healthy nails.

eat Fish

4. Nail Therapy For Healthier Nails

Take one cup of warm milk in a bowl. Now soak your hands in it for 5 minutes. It helps you to get strong nails and also makes the skin of your hand soft & smooth. In the same way you can try it with warm water also instead of using milk. Hot Oil therapy is also very useful for your nails and it is reality effective to prevent nail breakage. Take a bowl and heat the oil that it reaches in a tolerable temperature. Now soak your nails only in the oil for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe the excess oil from your nails with a cotton ball.

Nail Therapy For Healthier Nails

5. Try Healthy Drink For A Healthier Nails

Try this home made health drink to get naturally healthy nails. First boil a cup of water and when it gets warm add 1 tea spoon of Gelatin in it. Keep it aside to cool and then mix it with a glass of fruit juice. Drink it; keep it drinking for 10 days continuously. You will definitely see the visible results in few days. It actually controls nail breakage and helps you to get stronger nails.

fruit juice

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