5 Easy Steps To Reduce Fat From The Hips

Toned and shaped body is loved by all the girls. It has been seen that lower body has the more fat, that the other body part. Even after the pregnancy most of the women most of the women put on weight and the lost their toned body. Sometime it happens because of the hormonal changes of the body. To reduce the fat from the hips, we have to follow a strict diet, along with the hard exercises.

Here Is The List Of The Diet Plan And The Exercise

1. Diet Plan For A Week

To reduce the fat from the hip, we should follow a strict diet plan for a week, before starting the exercise, measure your hip, now make a diet plan in which you need to add the different types of the food and health drinks, it has also been seen that if you follow the strict weekly diet plan, then you will reduce the weight more effectively.


2. Lower The Calories Eating

Lower calories eating means that you are not stopping the calory intake but just reducing the calories to the 500, in this way you can reduce the fat in a healthy, without any adverse effect to the body. If you are on the less calory intake then you body will use the stored fat from the body, as hip stored the most part of the fat, then your hip will be in shape. If you are hungry you need to take the low calory food like the vegetables, fruits. Try not to drink the cold drinks and other beverages.

Lower The Calories Eating

3. Squats For The Hips

People know that squats is for the thigh, but it will help in the hips also, you need to do the squats in the different way, in this hold the standing bar, now bend so that the legs joints make the 90 degree angle, hold the position for about the 5 seconds, while holding push your hip away from the body, do the 15 repetition of this set, as you finish this you need to forward out the 1 leg and bend to the floor and push your hip, now do change the side of the leg, now do the 10 repetitions.


4. Lungs And Hip Raises Exercise

This exercise gives you the quick results, in this you need to lay on the flat surface or on the ground to the one side, now place your hands on the side of the hip, now raise your leg to the maximum and hold it for the 5 seconds, do the 10 repetitions and then change to the other side, now do the same process. Now lay on the surface, raise your hip towards the ceiling by pushing your hands to the ground. Hold it for the maximum time. Do 4 sets alternatively with the lungs.

Lungs And Hip Raises Exercise

5. Plies Exercise

If you have the excess fat in the hip, then you should go with the exercise, this is hard and gives you pain also, so you need to do the proper warm up, like the stretching of the thighs, back and the neck, now hold a dumble in your hands, put it down, now make a gap of 2 feet between the legs, now bend so that the legs have the 90 degree angle, now hold the position for the 5 seconds, now back to the rest position with the dumble. Do the 15 repetition of this with the 4 sets.

Plies Exercise

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