5 Easy Hairstyles For This Monsoon Season

Hairstyles For This Monsoon Season

It becomes hard to decide many times in monsoon that what hairstyle will suit well on you. If you are also going through the condition of confusion for this purpose, always prefer using quick and easy hairstyles in rainy season. If you are girl who loves to hang out with friends and rain dance, you should surely avoid complicated and heavy hairstyles. Here is the list of some easy and stylish hairstyles for monsoon that will suit on hair with every length.

Here Are 5 Easy Hairstyles For This Monsoon Season:


Nothing can look better than wavy hairstyle in monsoon. If you have already wavy hair, you can style them well with hair moose and decorate with floral hair accessories. If you don’t have wavy hair, you need nothing but to style your hair in waves by using curlers, styling iron and hair spray. Divide your hair in four parts, ear to ear and forehead to neckline. Take thin sections of your hair and curl them using curlers and hot iron. Open the curls with your fingers and set them well with the use of hair spray.


Sleek Back Ponytail

Girls with straight hairstyle will find this hairstyle more suitable. Comb all your hair well and apply hair moose gently. Comb them back and make a tight ponytail on the crown area. Tie up hair with a tight rubber-band. Take a thin section from your ponytail and wrap around it over the rubber band to hide it. Style the front part with small colored beads in the form of a hair band.

Sleek back ponytail

Simple Braid

Simple braid is another good thing you can do with your hair to carry hair well in rainy season. This kind of hairstyle suits on all types of hair, wavy, straight, curly, short, long and sensitive. Partition your hair from center or side as per your choice. Comb all the hair well and divide them in three equal parts. Start making simple braid of hair; you can also use a colorful hair extension to add attraction in this style. Move forward towards the lower part to design the braid and tie up with a band.

Simple braid

Fish Tail

Another attractive hairstyle to suit on women of every age is fishtail braid. Comb your hair well and keep the look messy or neat as per your choice. Divide your hair in two equal parts and start braiding in fishtail. If you want messy look, divide your hair with fingers. On the other hand, use comb for dividing hair if you want neat look. Overlap small sections of both sides alternatively to braid fishtail. Remember, thinner the section you take, finer will be the finishing of your braid.

Fish tail

High Bun

When you are not in mood of styling your hair so much and want perfect look through a lazy hairstyle high bun is the best you can do. To design high bun hair style, back comb al your hair well and twist them upside till the time it becomes a bun. Tight finishing from front will offer you a bold look. If you want to look soft, leave front hair loose and then make high bun. This is how you can protect your hair from sticky and damp look on your bad hair day too.

High bun

So, are you ready to enjoy this summer with these great stylish hairstyles?

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