5 Early Morning Exercises To Lose Weight Effectively


Early Morning Exercises

The best way to lose weight and reduce excess fat is to do exercise regularly. It is the most simple as well the most effective way by which you can lose weight easily. The best time to perform the exercises is early morning once you wake up from a good sleep. Due to hectic schedule and stress our life becomes messed up as result it leads to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain so it is very important that we take out time early in the morning to perform the exercises to reduce the excess fat. Various researches show that early morning exercises cleanses your body, makes your mind healthy, gives you a lot of energy and burns out the excess fat from the body. There are various early morning exercises which you should start immediately in order to lose weight effectively.

Below Are 5 Early Morning Exercises To Lose Weight Effectively:

1. Yoga:

One of the best and the most effective early morning exercise is the yoga asanas. The best time to perform the yoga exercises is early in the morning. These exercises should be done in empty stomach first thing in the morning. These exercises cleanse your body from within and keep you healthy and energetic and help to lose weight effectively. Moreover it is seen that yoga exercises not only brings your body in shape and reduces the excess fat but it also make your internal organs and immunity power stronger.  Practice yoga exercises daily for about 45 minutes early in the morning to get the best results.


2. Running Or Jogging:

Another very simple and effective early morning exercise that is ideal for weight loss is running or jogging. Try and get up early in the morning around the time of sun rise and go for running or jogging. Though some people use the treadmill for running but running or jogging in the fresh air is considered as more effective. Breathing in the early morning fresh air cleanses your lungs and keeps your heart healthy. Moreover running or jogging in open air also reduces excess fat and keeps the mind fresh and provides you a lot of positive energy to keep you energetic through out the day.  Make it a habit daily of going for jogging for about 45 minutes and soon you will see that you have shed the excess fat from the body.

Running Or Jogging

3. Kick Boxing:

Kick boxing is another amazing and effective early morning exercise that helps to lose weight effectively. Getting trained in kick boxing early in the morning makes your body stronger. The best part is that kick boxing helps you to reduce weight at the same time teaches you various self defence techniques as well which can be very effective in life. You can either join an early morning kick boxing class or you can learn from various kick boxing videos that are available online. It is though advisable that you join a class as that will teach you all the moves correctly and will also help you to lose weight effectively.

Kick Boxing

4. Pranayam Or Deep Breathing Exercises:

Doing pranayam or deep breathing exercises is considered as a very old school and traditional way of reducing weight successfully. This form of early morning exercise has become very popular among most common people who have weight gain issues. This early morning exercise has brought very effective results to most people and has helped them lose weight effectively.  The deep breathing exercise which is done in empty stomach cleanses your system from within and helps to lose weight successfully. Take out about 45 minutes time every day early in the morning and practice these deep breathing exercises as it helps to reduce excess fat and also makes your immunity system very strong. Moreover many say that this exercise also helps to fight various diseases and makes you look younger and fitter than your actual age.

Pranayam Or Deep Breathing Exercises

5. Biking:

Biking is considered as another amazing early morning exercise to lose weight effectively. This is a very effective and beneficial cardio exercise that helps to burn all the excess calories successfully. Biking helps to lose the excess calories and also tone the muscles of the legs, thighs and stomach and brings in a lot of endurance to the body.  While biking you can always increase or reduce the speed depending on your requirement and the amount of calorie that you want to burn out. Go out for early morning biking so that you can enjoy the pollution free fresh air and reduce weight successfully.


These Are In Brief 5 Early Morning Exercises To Lose Weight Effectively

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