5 Deceptively Simple Low Bun Hair Styles


5 Deceptively Simple Low Bun Hair Styles

Whenever we think of a bun, we relate to the old and vintage hairstyles, which primarily consist of the top knot or the classic bun. Isn’t that true? Little do we know that a bun can be interesting and stylish when done well and matched well with the dress. The bun is not considered cool when it’s done up low as its associated with our old teachers, however the low bun has had a makeover and evolved as a total winner on the ramp at the fashion weeks and has become a hit among celebrities on the red carpet too. A few low bun hairdos are discussed below enabling everyone to enjoy doing this chic hairstyle for special occasions.

Low Bun Hairdos

1. Low Bun – The Classic Style

Wash your hair and blow-dry it as the first step. Now, comb your hair backwards. Pull the entire length towards the back and make a ponytail near the nape of the neck. Tighten it leaving the bangs on the front and sides. Now, twist the hair gently around the rubber band used to fasten the ponytail. Using hairpins, make the bun stay in place. The strands that are left can be pulled back into the bun and secured with the help of hair pins. This low bun is a great hair do for maxi gowns as the style is chic and graceful. This simple low bun can be done in no time and can make any look complete.

Low Bun - The Classic Style

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2. Classic Low Bun with a Twist

The latest trendsetter in the red carpet scene is the loose low bun. The sophistication and romance in this style is just amazing. It is an effortless look and goes well when combined with flowy dress. In this style, it’s good, if you use cream that lifts the roots giving volume to the hair. Once this is done, use a curling iron and make soft curls and brush these curls making them into waves that are soft. Now, gather the entire length of hair and fasten it into a pony tail, which is low. Now, make a very loose knot around the band, which is loose and falls naturally on the lower neck. This style will definitely compliment your look.

Classic Low Bun with a Twist

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3. Low Side Bun

This hairstyle can be easily accomplished with just a comb, few hairpins, and a band. Brush the hair well and detangle it. Gather and fasten the hair near the neck towards the left just a little below the ear. Now, make a knot around this and using hairpins to ensure it stays in place. A few strands from the sides can hang loosely because these side Bangs add a flirty touch to the hairdo. It’s an elegant look for special parties in the evening or a night with your girlfriends. This low bun hair do is very simple yet classy and you don’t want to give it a miss.

Low Side Bun

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4. Roll and Wrap Low Bun

For people who have short hair, knots and buns have always been a huge concern, but you don’t need to fret, as it’s not a herculean task, it achievable even with short hair. It’s a great hairstyle for a bride or bridesmaid. The first step is to gently brush the hair to remove the tangles and knots. Even out the hair, gently gather at the back, slowly twist it, and gently roll it until the area, which is the center of the head. Using hairpins fasten it. To accessorize it, you can use a brooch to add a touch of style to it.

Roll and Wrap Low Bun

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5. Low Bun With Braids At The Sides

If you are a braid lover then this style is definitely for you. This hairdo screams feminism and is a great one to entice your partner. To flaunt this style, start by dividing your hair into two parts, the former being the upper layer and the latter being the lower layer. The lower layer needs to be gently gathered together and fastened into a neat low ponytail. Now, make this ponytail into a low knot using hairpins. Next, move to the layer above dividing it into two again. Now, braid each side and gently wrap the braided hair around the lower side of the knot and tighten it using hair clips.

Low bun with Braids at the Sides

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