5 Creative Ways To Shorten Your Hair Without Cutting

Creative Ways To Shorten Your Hair Without Cutting

It becomes a great problem to manage long hair every day and also, you will get bored of it. You love your long hair but don’t want to get it cut and when you see the girls with short hair all you think is to get that hair cut. But how is it possible to have short hair that too without cutting it. You just don’t want to have the same old hairstyle every day when you step out of the house. Here are few tricks which will give you the short hair look without even cutting them because we know you love your long hair. And yes, you can surely flaunt them in style.

Here Are The 5 Creative Ways To Shorten Your Hair Without Cutting :

Faux Bob

This not only shortens your hair, but gives you a very different look altogether. All you need to do is make a lose pony tail at your neck and then neatly fold it inward with the help of bobby pins. You have got the desired short hair without even cutting it. And this hair style looks great when you are dressing up for an evening party.

Faux Bob

A Lose Messy Bun

This by far the most commonly used hairstyle, and this hairstyle never goes wrong. Tie up your hair in a ponytail leaving little hair in the front, side and back. Twist and twirl your ponytail loosely and then fix it all on your scalp using bobby pins. Apply a hair spray which will let it stay for long. Once that is done, use a curling iron and curl or give waves to the hair that you left earlier. This will reduce the length of your hair and will make it look short. This kind of hairstyle looks good in all the occasions and is also elegant. You can make this hairstyle when you are wearing a traditional dress or beautiful gown or a dress for an evening party.

A lose messy bun

Curling Your Hair

The simplest way is to shorten your hair is to curl them. Curly hair looks beautiful. You can curl your straight or wavy hair and pin them in whatever fashion you like. It will make you look different and also you will love your new hairstyle, which you can surely flaunt.

Curling your hair

Flipped Out Style

This is more towards the retro style. All you have to do is blow dry your hair inward and back comb the front part and make a puff. Once it is done, use a hair band and apply a spray on it so that the hairstyle doesn’t change until your party goes over.

Flipped out Style

Bob Hairstyle

You must be wondering how to get that look without getting a haircut. But this is simple and easy and will hardly take five minutes of your daily schedule. Al l you need to do is divide you are hair in two parts and clip them. Take the last part and divide it further into two more parts and fold it till your scalp carefully using the bobby pins. Apply the spray that will give it the desired shine. Now unclip the previous part and set it loose. The hair will automatically cover the earlier pinned area and it will give you the Bob Hairstyle. And if your hair is really long, you can fold them inward and pin it.

Bob Hairstyle

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