5 Creative Flip Manicure Nail Designs

Though there are many new trending manicure ideas, the most happening one at present is the flip manicure. It is nothing but painting the flip side of the nails rather than doing it simply over the nails. Interested to know how to do it? Here are five cool ideas.

Here Are The 5 Creative Flip Manicure Nail Designs:

1. Play It Cool

Clean the nails and polish it with a nude color. Once it dries up, flip the fingers and start applying bright orange colored paint on the underside of the nails and let it dry. Use a brush tip to apply nail paint to the flip side of the nails. Be careful not to apply too much polish on the under nails as it would be difficult to dry.


2. Gold Flash

Black and gold are a classic combination and a favorite combo especially during party season. The combo matches almost all outfits and the combinations the combo provides is endless. A classic black polished nails with golden color on the flip side will be something unique and out of the ordinary whether you keep it minimalist or go extravagant with the combo, your nails will be matchless and attention grabbing.


3. Jeweled Nails

Girls love to look super glamorous. Whether it is an outfit or an accessory or a style, glamour quotient plays an important role in the choice made by them. So this time, when you go for manicure, try the jeweled flip nail designs, which are magical and fascinating. Paint the nail with the color of your choice and fix rhinestones on the flip side of the nails. You can use rhinestones, beads, crystals, pearls, etc to decorate the underside of the nails.


4. Glittering Under Nails

Sparkling nails are so beautiful. Whether it is a brilliant bright shade or metallic colors or boring neutrals, a glitter coat will make the manicure more fun and glamorous. This time for a change, instead of going for a glitter coat or glitter dust on the front side of the nails, try them on the underside of the nails to make a stand-out style statement.


5. Flowers On The Back

Matte is the current fashion trend and it looks beautiful. Glitter is something that all girls love. Again, girls go crazy over the floral nail arts too. So how about having a combination of all, interesting isn’t it. Go for a matte coat over your glitter polish on the front side of the nails. Paint the underside with the same matte and draw a floral pattern using a contrast color to finish the look. It will be brilliantly chic.


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