5 Cool Head Tattoo Designs

As outlook and old conservative views of society start to change men as well as women start to adapt newer means of fashion statement and fashion attire that would make them look more gorgeous in public. Doing tattoos on different places of body becomes a must have fashion statement. Fashion conscious men and women start to bring changes in their hairstyle too. This changing hairstyle includes a mohawk style of hair cut where there is very scanty hair on head. In such hairstyle some people go for doing different kind of tattoos on the rest of the head. Doing head tattoos involve both sides as well as back part of head. Any generic tattoo can be done on head. The sole purpose is to decorate the head where there is no hair.

Here Are 5 Cool Head Tattoo Designs

1. Flower On Head Tattoo Designs

People specially women like flower very much for beauty, softness and fragrance. Flower tattoos are very common in tattoo market. There are hundreds of flower tattoos available that a man with soft heart or a woman can do on head.

Flower On Head Tattoo Designs

2. Tribal Art On Head Tattoos

It was the ancient tribes of earth who started the tradition of tattoo. For this reason tribal art tattoos are very popular even today. There are interesting serpentine tribal art designs done in just black ink. A tattoo lover can choose a design easily for his or her head.

Tribal Art On Head Tattoos

3. 3D Tattoo On Head

Modern tattoo lovers have enormous weakness for tattoos that have 3 dimensional depth. These tattoos look realistic on body. There are some very interesting 3D tattoos for tattoo lovers to do on head too. These give an illusion that there is something really weird with your head.

3D Tattoo On Head

4. Monster Head On Head Tattoos

These may sound a bit odd for head but there are several tattoo designs which show monster head that people choose for head. People who want to do off beat tattoo can have this on their head. A monster head on head or any part of body symbolizes one’s triumph over fear of unknown and darkness.

Monster Head On Head Tattoos

5. Eye On Head Tattoo Designs

Doing an eye tattoo on body gives a feeling to a viewer that you are being watched, so act or remain gentle always. Doing an eye particularly with 3D depth on any part of head is really cool. A tattoo lover can think about it.

Eye On Head Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a head tattoo, kindly choose from the list given here.

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