5 Common Yoga Mistakes Beginners Make

Yoga Mistakes Beginners Make

Yoga series or collection of exercises which provide various benefits to our body. It either specially works on a single body part or multiple body parts. But often the beginners make some yoga mistakes which can cause serious problems. Take special care that not to do such mistakes if you are a beginner also.

Here Are The 5 Common Yoga Mistakes Beginners Make:

Do Not Do Yoga Immediate After Having Food:

Take care of the timing of doing Yoga. Do not do Yoga immediate after you have your lunch or dinner as it not good for your health. Always take rest after you have your food and then do yoga. Try to eat some light food before you perform Yoga. Do not eat any heavy food and do not eat in large amount before you do Yoga. Often we think that if we eat more then we will get more energy to perform Yoga; but unfortunately it is completely bad idea.

Do not do Yoga immediate after having food

Do Not Wear Tight Clothes:

Wear proper clothes during your Yoga. There are several clothes for Yoga available in market from different
brands. Choose one of them according to your choice. If you do not have any Yoga clothes, do not worry. Try any cotton clothes which are not very tight or loose to your body. But it must be comfortable for you. Cotton clothes are very comfortable as it allows air circulation in your body.

Do not Wear tight clothes

Do Not Do Yoga On Your Bed:

When you perform Yoga use a yoga mat for it and it is easily available in market. Yoga mat prevent any minor injury which can happen at the time of practicing Yoga. If you do not have any yoga mat then you can perform it on the floor but do not perform Yoga on your bed. It is a strictly NO for you as because it may cause major injury to you.

Do not do Yoga on your bed

Do Yoga Under Supervision:

If you are a beginner then always try to perform Yoga under the supervision of your instructor. A professionally trained instructor can guide you in a proper way how to do Yoga correctly. As a wrong posture of Yoga can cause harm to your body without providing benefit to your body.

Do yoga under supervision

Take The Proper Time Check:

Take care to maintain the time for performing Yoga as it need to be correct. Every Yoga pose has a certain time duration to perform it. If you do Yoga for correct timing it will provide benefits to your body where as wrong timing duration can do only harm with your body.

Take the proper time check

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