5 Common Manicure Mistakes And Their Immediate Remedies

Common Manicure Mistakes And Their Immediate Remedies

Women love beauty, makeup and style! Manicures are one of the beauty transformations which can make the hands look flattering gorgeous! Every one of us love those beautiful, bright and stunning hands delighted with some flawless manicured nail enamels! However, sometimes while we perform manicures at home, there are few mistakes which we can make! If you want to practice manicures at home and want to make it look perfect, here are some common manicure mistakes and their solutions which you must consider! These mistakes and solutions will make you perform manicure precisely and make your hands look flattering! While you go for a manicure session at your home.

These Amazing Mistakes And Their Solutions Will Help You Get A Perfect And Chiselled Look!

1. Applying Thick And Sticky Nail Polish:

While you open your nail paint bottle and observe that the nail polish has become thick and extremely sticky, you must not apply this nail paint. If you want clean a stunning nail polish with a fine finish, you must not use this thick and sticky nail paint. If your nail paint is still quite unused, and you want to fight such undesirable looking nail polish, use a nail polish thinner. The nail polish thinners can make the nail pant in a proper consistency and smooth. Thus, when you will apply this nail polish, it will easily get applied and would also look stunning!

Applying Thick And Sticky Nail Polish

2. Applying Single Coat:

If you think that in a single or double coat your nail polish will look perfect, this is surely a mistake which you have been consistently making. A single coat will not spread easily and would easily fade away. It will not cover the nail entirely and also make the nail paint look patchy. If you want some added shine and glossiness in your nail polish, a single coat will not help. Thus, if you want a high impact nail polish look, apply the base coat to let it settle on your nails. Apply 2 coats of the original shade you want to use and then, go with a transparent coat to make the manicure look glossy and last long! Try this trick and your nail paint would look picture perfect!

Applying Single Coat

3. Working Speedily To Apply Coats:

We all know that it is extremely annoying to wait for each and every coat to get settled perfectly on the nails but, this is extremely important to confirm as, it can also ruin your entire manicure. When you apply each coat, give it at least 10 minutes to settle and get dried. If you will apply the coats rapidly, the nail paint would get thick, sticky and would look cakey! For a fine and polished finish, you must wait and let all the coats settle easily! Try this letting it get set for few minutes and watch the magic!

Working Speedily To Apply Coats

4. Filing Your Nails Incorrectly:

This is a very common mistake which is made by a lot of women! If you are one of those girls who curl the fingers while painting the nails, you are doing it wrong! For applying the nail paint in the correct way, you must open your fingers straight and then fill the nails with the polish. This would allow smooth finish and flawless nail polish!

Filing Your Nails Incorrectly

5. You Are Not Cleaning And Trimming The Nails Perfectly:

Manicure is not only about filling the enamel in your nails but it is the complete process of cleaning the nails and making your hands look flattering! If you want perfectly manicured nails, firstly clean your nails with oils, trim and file them and apply some moisturizer. Always go through this process and then apply nail paint for best results!

You Are Not Cleaning And Trimming The Nails Perfectly

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