5 Clever Fox Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Mankind always like animals that are big, strong and powerful. But sometimes it is seen that a man or woman is preferring an animal that is not so big or strong and does not have good reputation also. Fox is such an animal. Though a fox does not possess good reputation among modern men and women still fox tattoo is very popular among fashion conscious people.

Meaning Of Fox Tattoo

To modern people a fox is an animal that is opportunistic, extremely clever, does not loose a single opportunity that can work in favor of it and sly. Children tales of fox portray this creature in negative way always. But around the world some cultures and countries like China, Japan, Celtic, some native Americans used to regard this creature highly. In Japan this animal used to be associated with crops and rain. It had a spiritual value in that country. Apart from this fox has a kind of slim beauty too. Men as well as women like to have fox tattoo on body. As a whole fox tattoo symbolizes cleverness, cunning, slim beauty, adaptability, spirituality.

A fox tattoo can be done in places like back, shoulder, neck, side of the body, arms, legs.

Here Are 5 Clever Fox Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Simple Fox Tattoo Designs

A full figure simple fox tattoo in sitting or prowling mode is best for tattoo lovers who like to have simple tattoos on body. There are plenty of such designs. A tattoo lover has to choose the design, size and place.

Simple Fox Tattoo Designs

2. Fox Face Tattoos

Some people do not like to have a full figure fox on body. Just the face of a fox from front or side they like most. Plenty of such fox face designs are available too in the market.

Fox Face Tattoos

3. Tribal Fox Tattoo Designs

There are some very interesting fox tattoos found in ornamental tribal art. These tattoos represent a fox figure in excellent eye catching pose. A tribal fox tattoo looks very artistic on body.

Tribal Fox Tattoo Designs

4. Fox With Flower Tattoos

It is stated previously that a fox stands for slim beauty. That is why women love to wear fox tattoo on body. Sometimes a fox mostly fox face is seen with a flower or flowers. Interesting designs are there for a woman who wants to have such a fox tattoo.

Fox With Flower Tattoos

5. Fox With Feather Tattoo Designs

A group among native Americans used to regard fox highly. Feather is a thing that symbolizes or stands for native American culture. That is why there are some interesting tattoo designs that have fox with a feather or bunch of feathers. So you want to have a fox tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

Fox With Feather Tattoo Designs

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