5 Classical Poseidon Tattoo Designs

As having different kind of tattoos on body is becoming very much popular among fashion conscious men and women, tattoo makers always look for interesting ideas. This search for interesting idea has made tattoo makers to take help of classical myths and legends of the world. Greek and Roman myths or legends are very old and popular. There are many elements from Greek mythology particularly which have served as inspirations for great tattoos. Greek gods and goddesses tattoos are in high demand. Poseidon a Greek god has many interesting designs that can be found in tattoo market.

Meaning Of Poseidon Tattoo

Poseidon is the Greek god of sea. Poseidon is represented by the appearance of an elderly bearded man with strong physical features that depicts strength and position. Poseidon is one of the brothers of Zeus, the king of Gods and he is one of the Olympian gods too. Poseidon sometimes has a three headed spear in his hand as weapon. Poseidon is a god who was highly regarded by ancient sailors as sailing in sea was one of the main transports in ancient and medieval times. Now a Poseidon tattoo on body stands for spiritual strength, physical might, position, devotion or love to everything that is old and classical. A Poseidon tattoo can be done in places like back, arm, shoulder, inner arm.

Here Are 5 Classical Poseidon Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Poseidon Head Tattoos

There are several tattoos in the market that show the head or face of god Poseidon. Sometimes these tattoos follow Greek sculpture image. Sometimes a Poseidon head with a crown is also seen.

Poseidon Head Tattoos

2. Full Figure Poseidon Tattoo Designs

Like face of Poseidon some tattoo designs show full figure god of sea rising from waves. Some interesting designs even depict Poseidon’s lower half of body as a tail like a mermaid. This particular design suits women tattoo lovers.

Full Figure Poseidon Tattoo Designs

3. Poseidon With Ship Tattoos

It is already mentioned that Poseidon was highly regraded by ancient sea men who frequently had to carry out journeys through sea. That is why several big expansive tattoos show Poseidon image with sea in stormy ocean. It fits place like back.

Poseidon With Ship Tattoos

4. Poseidon Spear Tattoo Designs

A three sharp headed spear is the weapon of Greek god of the sea. That is why simply this particular spear represents the god. In this regard sometimes tattoo lovers prefer Poseidon spear tattoo on body too. Favorite place is inner arm.

Poseidon Spear Tattoo Designs

5. Poseidon With Other Sea Creature Tattoos

Poseidon is the god of sea. That is why some tattoo designs show Poseidon with sea animals like octopus, shark etc. Sometimes in some tattoos the god is seen fighting mythical creatures like Krakken too.

Poseidon With Other Sea Creature Tattoos

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