5 Chic Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Are you 40 or have you just crossed that line? We feel 40 is the age when a woman should actually start dressing up and look her best. You are not too old and so, you need to groom yourself and look good. Once you change your hairstyle, you will start feeling so much younger! It is true that women who change their hairstyle can look 5-10 years younger than their actual age. We are going to tell you today about the 5 Chic Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40! Short hair is so much in and can brighten up a woman’s face so much. Take a look at our list and get the look!

Here Are The 5 Chic Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

1. Sweeping Fringes

Most women want bangs instead of fringes. Why? Bangs are not good at hiding wrinkles. In fact people will think you are trying too hard to hide something. Why don’t you go for fringes? Fringes look amazing on women! It is very much in too. It will look really stylish. It will sweep right across your forehead and will give you much younger look. You can ask your hairstylist to give your hair this style. For an extra touch, straighten your front hair which falls on your forehead.

Sweeping Fringes

2. The Tousled Bob

We absolutely adore this hairstyle. This will not only make you look younger but also very stylish. Bobs are very stylish and they go with today’s trend too. When you add soft waves to your bob, it creates a classy look. All you need to do is apply the styling product on your hair. Dry your hair with a blow dryer. Wrap few sections of your hair on a barrel iron. Run your fingers through your hair to get loose curls. Voila! You are done.

The Tousled Bob

3. Rocker Chic Pixie

Does your heart sing rock and roll? If you are a rock and roll kind of lady and do not mind a crazy yet cute hairstyle. Go for a rocker chic pixie hairstyle. Yes! We are telling you to cut it short because it is going to look really 80’s on you. The rocker pixie hairstyle is perfect if you want to look young and happening. It is voluminous and long on top and tight and slick from the sides.

Rocker Chic Pixie

4. Airy Layers

Airy layers give a glow on your face and it looks very graceful as well. You might as well try this at home! All you would need is get layers cut on your short hair. Use a stylish product and then use a medium size barrel iron and slightly curl your from the sides. Now brush it back away from your face lightly to create the airy look. You are good to go! This will look very charming on you.

Airy Layers

5. Crown Volume

Every woman in the world has the right to look like a queen. How about we place a crown on your hair? Crown volume gives volume to hair right on top of your head. The layers at the back are shorter which makes all your face fall on your face which looks supremely chic. Wet your entire hair and then use a product on it. Blow dry and then smooth few pieces of hair on your head with a flat iron. Use a product in order to add texture to your hair.

Crown Volume

You can look young and beautiful! All you need is a good hairstyle which will bring back the sparkle in you. So, style your hair and pick out a nice dress and surprise your husband or just go out with your girls. You will look gorgeous!

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