5 Chic Hairstyles For Short And Thin Hair

Having thin and short hair can be very frustrating. You might get conscious of the fact that your hair is so short plus there is no scope for bounce. However we are here to help you out like a friend in need. If you have short hair but it is really thin, there is no need to worry. There are many short hairstyles for thin hair. You can actually try them and see the change in you. People will actually notice you once you style your hair. We have jotted down the 5 Chic Hairstyles for Short and Thin Hair. Do take a look!

Here Are 5 Chic Hairstyles For Short And Thin Hair

1. Angled Pixie Hairstyle

The Angled Pixie hairstyle is excellent for short and thin hair. This hairstyle has a contrast. There are long bangs which add mystery and a lot of drama too. Ask your hairstylist to give your hair many angled lines in your bangs. This hairstyle is fun and flirty. You can actually go for this one if you are a free spirited and fun girl. You can create this look by blow drying your hair at the direction you want your bangs to lay. Use a hairspray to roughen your hair. Then use an iron on your bangs to show the razor edges.

Angled Pixie Hairstyle

2. Modern Wavy Hairstyle

The modern waves on short hair is the new IN thing. It actually looks very funky and cool. This hairstyle will add volume to your hair and make your hair look thick and lush. If you have natural waves in your hair then this is the look to go for! For this look, you can part your hair to one side and brush it through. Use a serum and hairspray on your hair. Now use a curling wand to give a wave to your hair. Pull your hair up and use a texturing spray to give your hair the bounce that you need.

Modern Wavy Hairstyle

3. Flipped Out Bob Hairstyle

Now this is one hairstyle which looks ultra cool and people will actually feel your hair is thick. This hairstyle has lots of layers and on the crown, the hair is cut into short sprouts. If you have thin hair with a short hair cut – this is the ideal hairstyle for you. Blow dry your hair outwards till you feel that it is getting some volume. Use a curling iron to flip the hair ends. Roll your bangs forward and then lift your hair and put hairspray on the layers of your hair. Awesome look!

Flipped Out Bob Hairstyle

4. Rocker Pixie

How about Rocker Pixie hairstyle? The name is self explanatory. This hairstyle is all about texture and volume. Use a styling product on your hair. Blow dry your hair with your fingers lifting your hair. This will add volume. Use cream to style your hair upwards and the center. Style the back and sides of your hair. Spray some hairspray for the hold. This is a very rock and roll girl look!

Rocker Pixie

5. Classic Curls

Add volume to your hair with this Classic Curls hairstyle. This look will actually make you look like a classic actress from 60’s time. You would only need to curl your hair towards your face. This will bring volume. Brush your hair towards your face and then spray some hairspray for finishing touches. This is a lovely hairstyle and it looks really classy and retro. It will actually give volume and bounce to your hair.

Classic Curls

Now you know the secret to making your hair look bouncy and voluminous. Yes, try the above mentioned hairstyles and people will notice you. Also, you will feel much more confident about yourself. Try these hairstyles and let us know! We will be glad to see the changes!

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