5 Causes for Hair Loss in Young Women

Hair fall has become a common thing nowadays especially among young ladies. Hair is the crown of womenfolk as it marks the main feature of our beauty and women at younger age tend to feel their hair as a symbol of pride. On the surface, this might not sound like a serious issue. It is normal to lose around 50-100 strands of hair daily. But if you experience more than that, it is better to consult a dermatologist because it might be a serious issue. There are many causes for women to lose excessive hair at a young age.

Some Of The Reasons Are Stated Below:

1. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism which is also known as overactive thyroid can cause hair loss as it produces excessive thyroid hormones which can affect the condition of your hair. It weakens the hair strands as they become stiff and delicate. The rate of hair fall increases rapidly and hair can break easily.



Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can even occur at the age of 12 for ladies. It is a disruption in the production of hormones where the ovaries produce more male hormones instead of females. This disorder can cause excessive hair loss on the scalp.


3. Stress

In this busy world, young people are prioritizing their career and studies more than their health. This results in stress and depression. Too much of pressurized mind can affect our whole body including our hair. Many youngsters are facing hair loss due to hassled and stressed out mind.


4. Anaemia

The period of menstruation for some women may extend for more than a week. There is nothing wrong to have heavy periods than others. The main problem is the torrential loss of blood. People experiencing this must consume foods rich in iron to prevent the occurrence of anaemia. Lack of iron is the reason for lack of red blood cells which leads to anaemia and this condition can cause hair loss issues.


5. Scalp Diseases

Possessing scalp skin problems like ringworm and psoriasis can be a hindrance for the healthy growth of hair. Some of the symptoms of these infections are flaky scalp and bleeding of scalp skin. These conditions can cause heavy hair loss in young women.

Scalp diseases

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