5 Brilliant Uses For Your Cosmetics You Will Love

Uses For Your Cosmetics

In this modern age one quality is not enough, ‘multitasker’, ‘multi-purposeful’ are the essential features that are needed to be survived in this highly competitive world and this policy is not only true for the business world but also quite useful in daily life.

It often happens that you buy certain cosmetics but you can’t use it fully and it’s expiration date arrives. On the other hand sky high price of different cosmetic products often makes a hole in your pocket. Hence for proper utilization of the product and to save a good amount of bucks multiple uses of these cosmetic products can be a smart move, it would even make your handbag a more spacious and light weighted! Wondering what those uses are? Let us enlighten you.

Here Are The 5 Brilliant Uses For Your Cosmetics You Will Love:


If you think lipsticks are only there to give you a sexy pout then broaden your thoughts, as creamy lipstick can turn out to be a great eye shadow hack and lighter lip color can even give you a cute cream blush. So this small idea is definitely going to make your hand bag lighter and pocket heavier.



If you consider mascara only as a simple make up tool whose work is to provide you a pair of intense eye-lashes then you are underestimating it’s value. Mascara can be a great concealer hack for grey hair problem, though temporary but it can hide that annoying hair strands within a jiffy. Moreover, a colored mascara can even give you a funky look while you make colored hair steak with it. In case if you are not impressed yet, then dab a little amount of mascara on your shoes and see how it can give your shoes a glossy look like new ones.



Moisturizer not only comes for rescue while you feel dry out on your skin but it can also tame your dry, frizzy tresses right way. Just Moisturizers add couple of drops of moisturizer on your palm and apply on your mane and you are done. Moisturizer can also be used as makeup –removal.



In case you forgot to carry your eye-liner with you or you want to bring a little twist in your eye make up then define your eyes with rust or purple or blood red lip-liner and see the magic.



This is quite smart trick especially for those women who fumble at wearing minis for their heavy legs. As bronzer help to give your face a sharp look and hides the extra face fat likewise it can even give your legs a chiseled look if you apply it right.


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