5 Brilliant Balloon Tattoo Designs

Almost everything under the sun can become inspiration for amazing tattoo designs. There are some objects which mankind normally use during childhood as toys. Balloon is one of such things that a human child loves most. But this thing balloon has become a means of sports and travel around the world also. There are plenty of tattoos available that show colorful balloons. Balloon tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers specially women.

Meaning Of A Balloon Tattoo

During his various experimentation with gas in 1824 Michale Faraday  invented balloon. It subsequently became extremely popular among mankind. People started to like a bulbous object flying towards the sky. Nobel wealthy men built big balloons with gas and traveling through air became luxury item. Later as time progressed small balloon are being made for the purpose of fun and entertainment. To a human child balloon becomes a toy. A balloon tattoo on the body symbolizes various meanings. First of all a balloon means sense of flying, living free without bondage like bird. Then balloon gives a sense of lightness. it adds color to life. A balloon also stands for fun, joy, art as well as entertainment.

A balloon tattoo can be done in places like arms, wrists, shoulder, lower back or lower abdomen, back, thighs, legs.

Here Are 5 Brilliant Balloon Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Simple Balloon Tattoo Designs

No style, no otherwise complexity in image, just a small balloon with rope flying tattoos are available. These are fine for those people who like to have simple tattoos on body.

Simple Balloon Tattoo Designs

2. Big Balloon With Basket Tattoos

It is already told that noble wealthy men used to travel through air in big balloons with basket. This has become a means of travel and sports now. There are some tattoos which show big gas balloon with basket. Both colorful as well as colorless designs are available.

Big Balloon With Basket Tattoos

3. Little Girl With Balloon Tattoo Designs

A human child loves balloon very much. That is why plenty of balloon tattoos are seen with a girl child who is releasing a balloon in the shape of a heart in air. This tattoo stands for hope too.

Little Girl With Balloon Tattoo Designs

4. Balloon With Elephant Tattoos

An amusing tattoo design that shows an elephant being lifted in air with a big balloon tied to its body. There are other designs also that show a small baby elephant playing with a small balloon.

Balloon With Elephant Tattoos

5. Balloon With Anchor Tattoo Designs

An anchor gives stability to a ship in the sea. An anchor image on body provides mental strength to fight storms in life. That is why sometimes balloon image is seen with an anchor too. It symbolizes a kind of stability to life from getting extremely reckless. So you want to have a balloon tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

Balloon With Anchor Tattoo Designs

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