5 Breathtaking Viking Tattoo Designs

History of ancient and medieval earth provides inspirations for great tattoo designs. Some tribes of ancient as well as medieval Europe had cultural elements that have given birth to breathtaking tattoo designs. Vikings were one of such tribes of Europe. Viking tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers of today.

Meaning Of Viking Tattoo

Vikings were people from ancient and medieval Scandinavia that means Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These people were fierce warriors who used to attack neighboring lands, killed people, plundered those for riches. They used to carry out trades with other people too. Vikings used to set sail and left their house for adventures in distant lands. By the word Viking a very tough warrior image with  weapons comes into mind. Not only male Viking women were fierce warriors too. Vikings had strange exotic customs which still fascinate modern world. A Viking tattoo on the body stands for bravery, adventure, living freely, a sense of carelessness, love for ancient warrior myths and customs.

A Viking tattoo can be done in places like back, shoulder, arms, side of the body, legs.

Here Are 5 Breathtaking Viking Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Viking Warrior Tattoo Designs

Viking means Viking warrior. There are lots of designs available in the tattoo market that show Viking warrior in warrior outfit. In some tattoos only face of a Viking warrior with helmet is also found. The place and size are to be chosen by the wearer.

Viking warrior tattoo designs

2. Viking Ship Tattoos

A Viking ship with mast in colorful stripes is one of the essential elements of the culture. Interesting tattoo designs show big Viking ships sailing through the waves of sea. A must for tattoo lovers.

Viking ship tattoos

3. Tribal Viking Tattoo Designs

Each and every generic tattoo has a tribal design in ornamental tribal art. Viking tattoos also have some images in exquisite tribal art. These look very artistic on body.

Tribal Viking tattoo designs

4. Valkyrie Or Female Viking Angel Tattoos

Valkyries are female angels or messengers of god Odin in Viking myth or culture. Valkyries choose dead soldiers in battle and bring the souls to heaven to have a place in Valhalla. Interesting eye catching tattoos show Valkyrie or female angel.

Valkyrie or female Viking angel tattoos

5. Viking Skull Tattoo Designs

Though these tattoos convey negative meaning like death and destruction to the society still popularity of skull tattoo is immense. Some Viking tattoos show a human skull in the place of the face of a Viking warrior with helmet. A tattoo wearer who wants to have tattoos for positive message can avoid this tattoo. So you want to have a Viking tattoo on your body, Kindly choose from the list given here.

Viking skull tattoo designs

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