5 Breathtaking Bohemian Hairstyles

Wild, creative and carelessly beautiful – this is how a bohemian hairstyle can be described. Never mind whatever your hair type is whether it is curly, wavy or straight, Bohemian hairstyles suit all types of hair. Do not worry about the age too, as these creative, wild and beautiful styles are for every woman young at heart. Wear the Bohemian style any season to look young and unique. It is an ultimate romantic hairstyle, which makes you look like a fairytale princess.

Here Are 5 Breathtaking Bohemian Hairstyles

1. Triple-Braided Tieback

This beautiful hairstyle will definitely garner attention from everyone. Part your hair in the middle. Now part again from the middle to each ear, you will have square shaped section. Divide each section into 3 small sections. Totally, you will have six of them. Braid all the 6 sections and secure with elastics. Braid the hair down the head and towards and shoulder and not back of the head. Pick the top braid from each side and pull them to the center. Secure them with elastic. Remove the elastics that were holding these braids earlier and allow the locks to fall freely. Pick the braids in the middle from each side and the hair from the first braid. Secure all the braids together approximately an inch lower. Pick the remaining bottom braids on each side and the hair from the first and second braids together and secure them together.

Triple-Braided Tieback

2. Rugged Ringlets

This style will make your hair look thick and gorgeous. Style your hair to one side (whichever side you prefer). Make small section of hair and curl it using smaller curling iron. Create tight ringlets all along the length of the hair. Tousle the hair using fingers to set the hair. The style suits anyone with naturally wavy or curly hair texture.

Rugged Ringlets

3. Side Braid

This is a cute and no fuss style for any out-of-doors activity. Start with a side parted hair and braid a French braid on the heavy side. Pull out a piece of hair from the other side and twist it and pin it just below the ear. Grasp all hair together on the braided side and do a fishtail braid through the length of the hair and secure the ends using a band. Widen the braid in the crown region to amp up the look.

Side Braid

4. Messy Topsy Tail

This is trendy and will definitely become your favorite style once you try it. Make a deep side part and pull out a piece of hair on the heavy side and secure it into a loose pony using a band. Fashion out a topsy tail and loosen it to hide the band. Pull out another section of hair exactly lower than the first topsy tail and create another topsy tail. Do the same until all your hair is added to the ponytail. Secure the ponytail using a band and brush the ends. Leave a loose lock on the front to look more chic.

Messy Topsy Tail

5. Soft And Elegant

Curly hair pinned neatly on the sides and side swept bangs are so graceful. When you add a hair embellishment, the style is simply out of the world. Create medium sized curls using curling iron and gather all hair on one side. Pin the curls neatly on the side and sweep the front fringe toward the side. Add a flower to the hair to enhance the look.

side swept bangs