6 Braided Updos That Are Perfect For Evening Parties

Braided hairstyles have long been known for their distinct beauty. Though party hairstyles largely emphasize leaving hair free and styling it with hair spray, a braided updo can make you look simply stunning. Here is a look at some very simple and easy-to do braided updos that are perfect for parties and evening outings with friends.

Here Are 6 Braided Updos That Are Perfect For Evening Parties

1. Braided Ponytails

This braided updo gives a very elegant and stylish look. It is suitable for long and medium length hair. Start by first making a side part. Take the front hairline and make a French braid with it. The braiding should continue up to the base of your head. Keep the braid in place with hairpins. Remainder of the hair can be made into a high ponytail.

Braided Ponytails

2. Bun Highlighted With A Braid

Gather you hair at the top to make a high ponytail. Make a bun from the pony tail hair, but after taking a small section from it. After you have secured the bun with pins, proceed to braid the hair that’s been pulled out. Circle it around the bun and use pins to secure.

Bun Highlighted With A Braid

3. Flower Braided Updo 

This one gives the look of a beautiful flower and is lovely for parties. Make a high ponytail. Divide the pony tail hair into three sections and braid each section. Turn each braid into a bun and secure it with bob pins.

Flower Braided Updo

4. Double Dutch Braided Bun 

Make a centre parting and split the hair into two sides. Take a strand of hair close to the forehead on both sides and make a Dutch braid with both. The tails are crossed over and wrapped into a bun at the nape.
Double Dutch Braided Bun

5. Sea Shell Braid 

Make the hair into three sections, one on top of the head and the remaining two at the bottom. Secure the hair section at the top of the head with a large pin and start with the sections at the bottom and make braids from each. After you have completed this part move to the hair on top and make a braid from it. Once again leave it aside and make a bun from the two braided sections at the bottom. Now take the braid at the top part of the hair and turn it around the bottom bun. Secure with bob pins.
Sea Shell Braid

6. Braided Halo 

This is a very romance braided hair updo. Start by parting hair into two parts and make a ponytail from each part at the side of the head. Remove one pony tail and divide hair into three sections at the back of the head, leaving off the front portion. Braid this part and then join it with the hair section in the front that has been left off. The braid will go over the side of head making a sort of crown. Secure the end at the top of the head with pins. Do this procedure for the ponytail on the other side to complete the look.

Braided Halo

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