5 Best Ways To Use Olive Oil For Your Baby

Olive Oil For Your Baby

Olive oil is not only a kitchen ingredient to be used in making delicious and healthy food but it preserves numerous health attributes as well as myriad benefits regarding your skin and hair.Though we all become a little more conscious when it comes to our babies, may it be their delicate skin, hair or health but you will be amazed to know to that olive oil is immensely beneficial for your baby. Highly rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients in olive oil help in the right growth of your baby regarding the height, weight or motor reflex etc.But the list doesn’t end here as olive has much to offer your little ones and if you want to know the ways you can utilize it for your baby just scroll down.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Use Olive Oil For Your Baby:


One of the most widely used massage oils for babies around the world is olive oil. Its absolutely safe for your baby’s skin. Packed with oleic acid and linoleic acid, olive oil serves in two ways, on one hand it makes your baby’s skin more permeable while on the other hand, makes your baby’s skin barriers stronger. Besides it is also beneficial for bone and muscle development. More over it helps to reduce stress and provides relaxation to your little ones.


Include In Baby’s Diet:

Olive oil preserves good amount of anti-oxidants, vitamins and other nutrition which is beneficial for your baby’s health but it must be used after 6 months of age of your baby. Go for extra virgin olive oil for maximum benefits for your baby. As olive oil is packed with oleic acid it helps to the proper development of baby’s brain. Other anti-swelling properties of olive oil also prevent asthma. Though don’t forget that too much intake of olive oil may cause diarrhea so make sure not to ¼ teaspoon of this oil in 2 ounce of food for your little angel.

Include In Baby’s Diet

Cures Constipation:

Olive oil is mild on your baby’s stomach and also works as a natural laxative that controls the bowels and treats constipation in your baby. Though too much consumption of olive oil may cause diarrhea, so for severe constipation its better to consult with doctor.

Cures Constipation

Fixes Hair problems:

Olive oil can fix a number of hair problems too dry or rough hair. But most importantly olive oil eliminates cradle cap in babies. That is a layer of skin flakes found in infant’s scalp which gradually leads to dandruff and other issues. You simply need to apply good amount of olive oil over the cradle cap and rub it with a soft bristle brush gently. Wait for 15 minutes before washing it off with baby shampoo and lukewarm water. Olive oil even promotes strong and healthy hair in babies.

Fixes Hair problems

Treats Diaper Rash:

Diaper rashes are no longer be a problem if olive oil is at your help. It is a great natural remedy to banish diaper rash problem. All you need to do is blend 2 teaspoon of extra virgin oil with 1 teaspoon of water and stir. Now apply this solution to the affected areas of your baby’s skin. It not only provides relief to your little ones but also prevent re-occurrence. Instead of its numerous benefits its always safer to consult your physician, before using any remedy on infants.

Treats Diaper Rash

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