5 Best Ways To Remove Leg Hair

Ways To Remove Leg Hair

Clean and shaven legs add to the beauty of women. It enhances your personality and makes you look and feel good. Hairs need to be removed from various body parts like underarm, upper lips region, eyebrow, hands and legs. Hair removal is a must to do job for women. Earlier women used to go to beauty parlours to get it done. Now a days there are lots of reliable options available which one can do at home easily with little training and at the comfort of your home. Not to mention, these techniques are also very affordable.In this article you will find best five ways to remove hours especially from the leg region. You can find whichever suits you the most!!

Let Us See These Hair Removal Methods In Detail:


This is a type of hair removal method that is almost similar to waxing. In this technique hairs on your legsare removed at the root level. Sugaring comprises of application of a warm gel or sugaring paste onto your skin and then gently removing the ‘sugar’ with the help of a cotton or muslin strip. Sugaring paste can be easily prepared at home. This paste is made by mixing natural ingredients like sugar, lemon and honey. This method can be done at home and helps in easy removal of leg hairs.



Depilatories are referred as creams and lotions which are easily available in chemist stores. These creams and lotions contain medicinal ingredients and hair removing essentials that helps one with quick and easy removal of leg hairs. These lotions can be applied at home. This method is useful to remove hair shortly once they are slathered on. Unlike the medicinal and unpleasant odour, these lotions now come with scented smell that leaves a fragrant smell on the skin once applied on the skin. This is the easiest method for hair removal. Before using these antiseptic hair removal creams, make sure it suits your skin and does not lead to any rash or irritation. The results achieved due to this techniques last longer than shaving technique.


Leg Waxing

Leg waxing is also a very common and effective method for removing unwanted hairs on legs. This treatment can be done at spa, salon or home. If you are a beginner, you need to very cautious at the early stages. You need to prepare hot wax by melting it and then apply this hot melted wax on your legs. One has to apply this wax with the help of clean cotton stripes or paper in patches. Press the cotton stripe onto the wax and then immediately rip it off the skin. These stripes will take the wax and hair along with it.Waxing is considered to lasts longer than shaving and lotions. This method can be done only when your leg hairs grow to the extent that wax can be applied on it to pull it out.

Leg waxing

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment provides almost permanent results in hair removal of legs. This treatment comprises of application a low-energy beam which is directed to that part of the skin area from where hairs are required to be removed. This light is absorbed by the dark pigment present in the hair follicles. With continued treatments or atleast three sessions of it this procedure stops most of the growth of hairs. One thing is to note that this treatment is not suitable for white and pale blonde hairs or if one is suffering from skin tanning. One may also require re-treatment for periodic removal of hairs.

Laser hair removal


Just like laser hair removal and electrolysis method providespermanent hair removal from any of the body part. Electrolysis is a process by which a fine needle is inserted into the hair shaft to damage the body cells which are responsible for production of hairs. Both the treatments laser hair removal and electrolysis needs to be done under proper guidance and proficient surgeon.


Do some practice, before you are able to get a close shave and less razor burn. The frequency of implementing these hair removal techniques largely depend on how rapid is the growth of your hair. For people whose hairs grows very soon need to follow this hair removal treatment every alternate days, others can do it once in a week to maintain the same look and feel. One thing you must note is always exfoliate gently between your hair removal sessions and moisturize your skin after you bathe so that your skin remains soft and smooth.

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