5 Best Smelling Lip Balms

5 Best Smelling Lip Balms

The lips are vulnerable to all the conditions that draw away moisture from the body. Also, lips are the ones that display the signs of dryness in the body. Therefore, use of lip balms becomes essential to provide relief from dry lips. Lip balms contain a wax like substance usually made up of paraffin, lanolin, petroleum jelly, or beeswax. Lip balms are available in two forms; one can be applied on the lips using fingers and the other is in the form of a lip stick that can be applied directly. The application of lip balm provides a protective layer on the lips which moisturize the lips and prevent them from getting dried.
The development of the cosmetic industry doesn’t provide just lip-balms made of wax but provides a huge collection of lip balms with various other benefits like protection from the UV rays of the sun.

Here Are 5 Best Smelling Lip Balms

Maybelline Baby Lips

This brand has created a new revolution in producing lip balms. The number of flavors released by this brand has received accolades worldwide. Each flavor comes with a unique fragrance and moisturizes the lips for about 8 hours. It also provides sun screen protection to the lips. You can browse the spectacular collection from rose addict to cherry kiss and choose the one you would prefer for your dry lips.

Maybelline baby lips

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline is a big brand in manufacturing moisturizers for the body; the lip balms by this brand are also quite popular they are available in four variants of aloe-Vera, rose, cocoa butter and the original flavor. The price of these lip balms are not high and hence are made available for everyone in the market.

Vaseline lip therapy

Nivea Lip Balms

Nivea lip balms claim to moisturize, heal and provide soft lips. They are available in four variants of strawberry, pomegranate, cherry and pearly shine.

Nivea lip balms

Lotus Lip Balms

These are available in the tin form and have to be applied using the fingers. they offer a huge variety of lip balms starting from strawberry to the fruit fusion.

Lotus lip balms

Avon Lip Balms

This brand offers huge collection of lip balms starting from lemon, rose, lavender and peach. They provide the required care for the lips and make their use inevitable.

Avon lip balms

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