5 Best Megan Fox Tattoos That A Woman Can Try

Best Megan Fox Tattoos

It is very often seen that women celebrities have a weakness for tattoos. A women celebrity regardless of the field she is working loves to wear tattoos in the body as fashion statement. Her fans who like to follow her fashion often imitate the tattoos she has in the body. Famous model cum actress Megan Fox is one of such celebrities.

Megan Denise Fox, commonly known as Megan Fox to her fans all over the world started her career as a model. Megan had (she still has) a very well proportionate body that worked perfectly for modeling. . With this she used to act in bit roles in movies and television. She got her fist major acting role in 2007 blockbuster sci fi action movie the Transformers. Subsequent sequel of the film was also a huge success. Though Megan was dropped from the third installment of the franchise, She boosted her career with horror flicks like Jennifer’s Body and recently with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Megan Fox is a beautiful actress who has or had several tattoos in her body.

Here Are 5 Best Megan Fox Tattoos (with Meanings) That A Woman Can Try:

1. Shakespeare Line Tattoo In Megan Fox’s Back

Megan Fox did a Shakespeare line tattoo from King Lear in her right back. The line was the famous, We will all laugh at gilded butterflies…. .This line of course stated Megan’s love for Shakespeare. Additionally experts stated that Megan did this because she wanted to say that fame and success had not driven her mad.

Shakespeare line tattoo in Megan Fox's back

2. Merilyn Monroe Tattoo In Megan Fox’s Arm

Merilyn Monroe influenced many celebrities who came later with her beauty and talent. Megan Fox was one of those. that was why she did a face tattoo of Merilyn Monroe in one of her arms.

Merilyn Monroe tattoo in Megan Fox's arm

3. Chinese Tattoo In Megan Fox’s Back

It was perhaps the first tattoo that Megan Fox did. She did it in the back near her neck. It was a Chinese word tattoo which meant strength. Megan of course tried to emphasized inner strength by wearing this tattoo in the body.

Chinese tattoo in Megan Fox's back

4. Moon With Star Tattoo In Megan Fox’s Leg

Megan Fox did a  crescent moon coupled with a stylish star tattoo in one of her legs near the foot. Moon and star both are the objects of the sky. Moon stands for night, dream, aspiration and star stands for showing right direction in the darkness.

Moon with star tattoo in Megan Fox's leg

5. Poetry Tattoo In Megan Fox’s Side Of The Body

Megan wrote a poetry that she tattooed in her upper side of the body. The poetry was like that There was once a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART. She perhaps did this because she might have experienced something like that in her life.

Poetry tattoo in Megan Fox's side of the body

So you are a fan of Megan Fox. Want to do a tattoo following her. Kindly go through the list given here.

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