5 Best Makeup Tips For Oval Face

Makeup Tips For Oval Face

Make up is an inseparable part of a woman life, belonging to any race, class, age or religion. Right set of make-up helps to hide the face flaws and diverts the attention to best features of the face and makes a woman look stunning and flawless.

However, make up is an art and mastering it not that easy. It is not necessary that a right set of make up for one face shape type can suit the other. As different face shapes have their own set of benefits as well drawbacks so make up needs to be done accordingly otherwise it could lead to a make-up disaster and can make you look like a clown.

Though internet is loaded with make-up tips for round or long shaped face but finding the tips for the women with oval face is bit difficult, so here we give you 5 best make-up tips for oval face, you shouldn’t miss.

Here Are The 5 Best Make Up Tips For Oval Face:

Use Your Regular Foundation:

As there are many sites on internet loaded with make-up tips often suggest women with oval face shape to change their normal foundation to choose other one to team up with their oval face shape. But it’s a wrong suggestion as foundation has nothing do with face shape choosing foundation is solely depends upon one’s skin tone. Hence you can use your natural foundation.

Go Easy On Foundation And Concealers

Touch Up With Bronzer:

An important trick to keep in mind while doing make up for oval face is to be careful with bronzer. As the cheekbones dominate most of the area of an oval face so drawing a heavy line with bronzer will lead to a great make up disaster. Hence be gentle while using bronzer on oval face. Either lighter or darker shade you may use but make sure to just to have a little touch up with bronzer on the cheeks. Another important tip to remember here is that don’t use similar color foundation and highlighter. If you use darker shade of foundation then go for lighter highlighter and vice versa.


Play Right With Blush:

This makeup tip is applicable for all you gorgeous divas out there, choose lighter pink or coral shade blush to color you apple of the cheeks. Use a powder blush and finish it off with gentle inner and outer strokes.

A Little Blush And Bronzer

Eye Make Up:

Oval face beauties can go dramatic eye make-up and carry it quite well. Varying from creamy eye-shadow along with fake eye lashes to smoky eye make-up you can go ahead with anything according to your choice but make sure not to go heavy with both eye and lip make-up at once. When your eye make-up is heavy like smoky eyes color your lip with neutral or light color and vice versa.

Eye Makeup

Lip Make Up:

As we said above you can’t use heavy make-up at the same time for eyes and lips to avoid overdo. So when you keep your eye make-up minimal you can define your lips with dramatic make up. Ranging from darker shades to glitters or juicy lip glosses you can carry anything with absolute grace.

Light Lip Make-up

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