5 Best Makeup Ideas To Be Stylish With Blue Dress

5 Best Makeup Ideas To Be Stylish With Blue Dress

Blue dress is the most lovable and demanding dress for parties among the females especially young girls of the modernized world as such dresses makes them very attractive and charming on such events. Such dresses are well suited to simple makeup but for the prom functions and night out, blue dresses generally needs special makeup so as to attain elegant and striking look. If you going for a prom party in coming days then you must follow these effective makeup ideas for blue dresses to be a centrepiece on that upcoming party among everyone.

1. Makeup Tips For Base:-

Bare face or base makeup is the most important part of facial makeup which varies with the desirable look by you. You must start your base makeup with a good moisturizer and a good scrub as it will give refreshment to your facial skin. After applying moisturizer, next, you must try to cover all unwanted spots like dark circles, zit and blemishes present on your facial skin by using a concealer stick followed by applying one shade darker foundation to your facial skin so as to give a healthy warm glow to your skin tone.

Makeup Tips For Base

2. Makeup Tips For Dry Face:

If you want to try new makeup on your new blue dress for upcoming party then first you must choose complementary colors in your color chart. Colors like red or oranges are complementary to blue color which looks best on different types of facial skin. You can also go for other complementary colors like brown with blues, coral, orange and peach. Presence of complementary colors in your makeup will make your look much attractive and charming when you try it with blue dresses.

Makeup Tips For Dry Face

3. Makeup Tips For Cheeks:-

Cheeks are also the focussing part of face makeup. If you’re wearing blue dress for the next party then while doing makeup on your cheeks, you must make use of a warm pink toned blush so as to give a rosy touch to your cheeks like a small baby. You can also go for plum colored blush if you warm smooth cheeks. While using the palm colored blush on your cheeks, you need to apply 3 small dots on the center portion of your cheeks as it will add an amazing glow to your cheeks and better highlights your facial structure.

Makeup Tips For Cheeks

4. Makeup Tips For Eyes:-

Eyes are the most important part of a face makeup which gives the true reflection of one’s personality. For a prom party, you need to make your eyes smokey with wing tips if you’re wearing blue dress there. You must make use of green or blue eyeliner as well as eyelashes on combination with cool blue dress. On your eyelids, you should apply light colored eye paint followed by using warm golden glitter on the center portion of your eyelids and finally coating your lower as well as upper eyelids with kohl to give a final finishing to your eyes. It is always recommended for the followers of such type of eyelid makeup that they must give their eyelashes 2 mascara coats to make your look alluring with the prom blue dress.

Makeup Tips For Eyes

5. Makeup Tips For Lips:-

While doing lips makeup with a blue dress, you needs to take your eye look into consideration. You must start your lips makeup by applying scrubber to your lips followed by applying lip balm and nude color lip liner. After this, you must choose nude color lipsticks like pink, peach or any other nude color to make your lips striking. Colors like coral or warm pink on lipsticks and lip liners also pairs well with blue dresses.

Makeup Tips For Lips


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