5 Best Lakme Compacts

Compacts have become an essential carry-on in a women’s purse. They play a vital role in the face makeup and can quickly give a brighter complexion with a radiant glow on the skin. However, the selection of a correct compact is very essential based on your skin tone. Lakme is a brand with a list of top class products and are effectively designed for all the skin types. The Lakme products can provide you with a healthy skin along with hiding all your blemishes and spots.

Following Is A List Of 5 Best Lakme Compacts

1. Matte Complexion Compact Lakme 9 To 5 Flawless

It is especially formulated for an oily skin type. It contains oil absorbing ingredients and Vitamins which will nourish the skin without making it look dry, dull or oily. It gives a cover to the skin for 6 long hours. The product has a mirror and a puff packaged along with the compact. Use it after applying a foundation to help your excessive oil secreting skin to look matte and flawless.

Matte Complexion Compact Lakme 9 To 5 Flawless

2. Lakme Intense Whitening Compact Perfect Radiance

This intense white lotion has in it the pearl extracts meant for giving a fairer complexion with radiance to the skin. The minerals and vitamins, essentially keeps the skin healthy and toned. Further, the added SPF 23 gives protection against the harmful sun rays. It can give an oil free look with a coverage of 4-5 hours.

Lakme Intense Whitening Compact Perfect Radiance

3. Lakme Radiance Complexion Compact

Lakme Radiance Compact provides you with a glowing and flawless skin. It is packed with Vitamins meant for moisturizing the skin. It is also pocket-friendly and gives a 4-5 hour cover to your skin. It is suitable for oily skin and can give a radiant look for all the occasions.

Lakme Radiance Complexion Compact

4. White Intense Wet And Dry Compact

Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact gives a the skin a hydrated feel throughout the day. It is formulated with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B3, SPF 17 to keep the skin youthful and glowing, always. It is available in varying textures and shades and can be used as a foundation as well as a compact. It even protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It blends well with all the skin types and can give a long coverage of 6 continuous hours.

White Intense Wet And Dry Compact

5. Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Compact

This product is especially designed to take care of sensitive skinned people. Also, it is meant for individuals who are in a regular habit of using compacts for parties. It is enriched with SPF 17 to make the skin glowing than ever before. It rejuvenates the skin and deeply hydrates the oily skin pores. This compact is a pick which can be relied for giving a radiant and bright skin.

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Compact

6. Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Creme Compact

For dry and normal skin types, use the Lakme nine to five flawless crème compact. It is formulated to give the skin smooth and silky appearance. They are available in four different shades for different skin textures. The compact is creamy in consistency and gives a coverage of 4-5 hours.

Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Creme Compact

7. Lakme Face Sheer

This product is a perfect blend of compact and face highlighter to gear you up for attending a wedding or party. It contains golden glitter and submits the skin a peach color appearance. It is available in three variant shades- sun kissed, desert rose & earth blaze. Remember that this product is not suitable for daily use as it highlights the skin.

Lakme Face Sheer

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